Working with the Law


Dr. Raymond Holliwell wrote the book Working with the Law. Dr. Raymond Holliwell was a popular Teacher. He had a highly logical psyche and was a motivated teacher who utilized a straightforward, explicit way to deal with this subject.

“The Lord God made the earth and the heavens and every plant of the field before it was in the earth, and every herb of the field before it grew.”

Hence, Working with the Law is an incredible asset for bunch study. Additionally, by holding the numbered passages from the first release, this new version is exceptionally easy to understand and gives the peruse a simple to-utilize speedy reference to central issues. This is the best book on the Abundance Mindset.

11 Truth Principals for Successful Living

Raymond Holliwell wrote a masterpiece when he wrote Working with The Law. Dr. Holliwell reviews (in detail) the 11 laws of life, success, and happiness. This 171-page manual will teach much about the universe’s natural laws.


Most, if not all, books on life development- You can call it personal development, self-development, or success development. Regardless of what you call it, there are always references to “The Laws.” The hit movie “The Secret” was solely based on the Law of Attraction. Raymond Holliwell gives us an inside look at these 11 laws like no other book we’ve read.


This book states that there are 11 truth laws to live by daily. These include:

  • The Thinking Law
  • The Law of Supply
  • Attraction’s Law
  • Receiving Law
  • The Law of Increase
  • Compensation Law
  • Non-Resistance Law
  • Forgiveness Law
  • Sacrifice Law
  • Obedience Law
  • The Success Law

The Thinking Law:

The thought energy is always creating, much like rich soil. Environment makes no distinction between the seed of a weed and the seeds of a flower. She creates and nourishes both seeds. The same power is used for both, but the same is true for thinking. The mind may produce either positive or terrible results. You determine these thoughts by your perceptions.

For example, if we are cold, we don’t work with cold and intensity the same to get warm. We construct a fire, and as we accumulate around it, we partake in the intensity that is reached out from it and become warm.

“As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.”

The Law of Supply:

Humanity is never content. Many people lament this Truth, yet God did not wish for man to remain satisfied permanently. The nature of his existence is continual development, growth, and progress. Whenever one good is achieved, another yearning for a better cause develops. Other more wonderful states will reveal his view when a greater standard is obtained. As a result, the progressing life is the actual life, the existence that God meant for a person to live.

“Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.”

Attraction’s Law:

It is the fundamental Law that governs supplies in the domain of impacts. It includes two major stages: “desire” and “aspiration.” These emotional attitudes reflect channels of attractive power. Aspiration is the positive element of the Law. At the same time, desire is a negative element. You must follow both of these to achieve the best and biggest outcomes.

The Law of mental attraction acts along the same lines as the Law of gravity; it is as definite and accurate. However, three steps can use to build up realities. By following these suggestions closely,

INTEREST: The initial step to take is called interest. Interest is focusing on some article or thing.

Attention: To have an excessive interest isn’t sufficient. We should infuse this interest into our everyday work. Our consideration should depict our interest; the quicker our interest, the more serious our consideration will be.

Expectation: The last step we take is Expectation. This is an active type of consideration; it is a consideration with power. It might be compared to the activities of a feline that stands by without complaining at the mouse opening.

“To desire is to expect, to expect is to achieve.”

Receiving Law:

Knowing lowers the largest to simplicity. At the same time, a shortage of it allows the smallest to assume the scale of complexity. To keep the Law tangible, we must first understand it and then follow the rule on which it is based. The message of Christ demonstrates the path from selfish behavior to God’s intellect.

A man’s actions act and behaviors reflect whether he has discovered the road to abundance. God resides in man because of man’s ultimate idea of purity. He manifests Himself as a heroic love, intellect, and power via man’s trust.

“Give, and it shall be given unto you, good measure running over.”

The Law of Increase:

According to this Law, you should start taking what you have and improving on it. It would help if you did this appreciation and thankfulness rather than hate and blame. This way, you obey the Law, giving you the needed growth.

In truth, we may not have believed in fairies, but rather we realize a standard is comparable to the enchanted light. No, it isn’t something material that we can convey about and rub voluntarily to track down a little genie to make our offering; it is a comprehension that empowers us to utilize the Law all the more plainly, and in utilizing it, we invigorate our great and achieve much for our pleasure and satisfaction that seems like sorcery or marvels.

“Let everything that hath breath praise the (LAW) Lord. Praise ye the Lord.”

Compensation Law:

The Law of Compensation compensates us in exact proportion to our earnings. We will not get something in response if we do not even put everything of worth out there. This course aims to show how you may use the Law to move from what you are towards where you belong.

In the study of the laws of Truth, we figure out how to apply them with the goal that they will disintegrate all our negative considerations and conditions. The missteps of a student don’t get through the insightful activity of the Law; they come through error. These missteps will continue as he keeps utilizing the Law without adjustment.

“Whatsoever a man sows, that shall he also reap.”

Non-Resistance Law:

Every scared thought, worry, doubt, and furious thought is nothing more than a bunch of rocks. It is something that you toss into your streams. These alter your direction and extend the time it takes to achieve your aim. Join your efforts for peace with the forces of good that are looking for you. You may eliminate an impediment by embracing or preparing to comprehend it.

Such countless different names are given to this Law that we may not necessarily, in all cases, remember it as the base Law of Non-Obstruction. For example, in our business world, we catch wind of the brain science of

charismatic skill, administration, credit, free conveyances, master counsels, and every other guide possible that will assist us with tracking down the right pots and prospects kitchen, the legitimate style and shade of a lodging for the nursery, the seat for the chimney, and the frill that are so important to flaunt the front room successfully.

“But I say unto you; That you resist not evil.”

Forgiveness Law:

The Truth permeates all aspects of daily existence. When we consider the rivalries which exist in every workplace, jealousies occur. This splits the community and enhances struggle and turmoil in our own families. We realize how the profound but simple lessons of tolerance strike into our lives. If we cannot forgive, we have a little soul unaffected by God’s instructions.

For example, suppose you hold as a primary concern that somebody has violated you or treated you unfairly. In that case, you can’t be liberated from your bad behaviors or foul play since you hold that idea in your cognizance. Frequently individuals grumble that they don’t see obviously or get the brightening of soul, as others have affirmed.

“Forgive, and you shall be forgiven.”

Sacrifice Law:

According to Holliwell, each man must have an idol or a dream. Do not put too much faith in someone who has nothing at all and wants none. A guy with no ideals does not want to be bigger than he has been. In the future, he will be an obstacle to others.

The highest example of a master is Christ. His work and teaching demonstrated that discipline, poise, and discipline go before astuteness and accomplishment.

“Straight is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leads unto life, and few there be that finds it.”

Obedience Law:

A company is based on obedience, so everyone will thrive if they follow the rules of commerce. When a man breaks these rules, he produces failures, bankruptcy, and losses. All our troubles in life are caused by our opposition to the Law of Obedience or its Provider, God. Our problems have been determining what to follow or what not to follow.

He who aspires to enormous achievement must make enormous sacrifices. While he who wants few will be offered little. The Law does not differentiate; it delivers whatever he throws to the man. This directly relates to an abundance mentality.

“Obey my voice; I will be your God, and you shall be my people.”

The Success Law:

Success is the process by which we learn to use two precious resources: time and thinking. Not information alone decides success; it is how we apply that information. The success law is critical to remember that underneath all our challenging work, the hands of God are leading, guarding, and sustaining us. He has; everything you need; he can provide everything you need. Whatever difficulty you face, God can conquer it inside and around you.

“He can who thinks he can.”


Who is the author of the book Working with the Law?

Ans. The author of the book Working with the law is Raymond Holliwell.

What is the publish date of the book Working with the Law?

Ans. Working with the law was originally published in 1939.

What is the main idea of Working with the Law?

Ans. According to Holliwell, every action reacts. The book describes 11 truth principles that can guide one to the path of abundance. These principles have physical, spiritual, and mental applications in our lives.

How to use the Law of Attraction in life?

Ans. The Law of Attraction and Abundance is often “like draws like.” What do you wish to bring into your life? Do you even have a purpose? Or anything in your thoughts that you have been thinking about for a while? It may be a new automobile, a new place, or something more emotional such as beginning a family. Begin by shifting your mentality to a more positive one, and watch the universe work its magic!

What is the Law of increasing opportunity price?

Ans. According to the Law of increasing opportunity price, when you put a finite resource into action, your potential cost increases for each extra “unit” of the commodity.


The book Working with the Law describes several laws that affect our daily lifestyles. More laws are waiting to be found and put into action from the inside. These are the laws anybody may apply to live an eternal and successful life.

After several editions, the teachings in dealing with the Law were presented in multiple national seminars. The book provides the reader with a new power to engage and rethink his plan for achievement. It provides useful guidelines for the path to success by working with laws.


Science has characterized different normal regulations that make sense of the actual world and how it changes. One such Law expresses a response for each activity and a comparison counter-movement for each movement. Regardless of whether it’s apparent to the natural eye, one thing is sure, development and change will happen. Having concentrated on these standards, creator Raymond Holliwell figured out the widespread actual applications and otherworldly and mental applications.

Utilizing this Law on a profound and mental level, Holliwell found that a particular idea could make the ideal response in his own and proficient life through ceaseless and devoted practice. As he understood the extended capability of this strong Law, he finally perceived a definitive wellspring of the sensational outcomes — God.

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