The 17 Principles of Personal Success By Napoleon Hill’s Keys


Napoleon Hill wrote the book Keys to Success in 1928. In this book, he generally describes different concepts with suggestions on their application. These success factors were collected from Hill’s educational materials, speeches, and publications. They offer self-analysis methods and plain guidance to anybody seeking personal progress. This book aims to be a crucial guideline on the path to wealth for people all over the world. I have mentioned this book in our best books on abundance mindset article.

17 Success Principles of the Book:

Napoleon Hill’s keys to Success is a complete exploration of Hill’s success philosophy and his 17 essential principles of personal success. The book Keys includes17 Principles of Personal Success.

These principles can contribute to tremendous achievements in life and career accomplishments. They act as the achievement and accomplishment factors. The 17 Principles of Personal Success are as follows:

  • Clarity of purpose
  • Brilliant collaboration
  • Applied faith
  • Going above and beyond
  • Personality characteristics
  • Self-initiative
  • Positivity in thought
  • Zealousness
  • Self-control
  • Correct thinking
  • Focused attention
  • Collaborative effort
  • Defeat and hardships
  • Creativity
  • Well-being
  • Energy and cost budgeting
  • Habits

Clarity of Purpose:

A goal is needed for whatever you do for a living. It’s the first stage in your pursuit of success and achievement. It may be private or business-related. Focus on the questions like: What do you want to achieve? Exactly is your unclear goal? What actions would you need to undertake to get there? What is your plan?

Brilliant Collaboration:

People who operate in total alignment toward a single goal always succeed. Collaboration is an important aspect of achieving your goals. Along with collaboration, a robust set of integrated talents is essential for success.

Applied Faith:

The applied faith concept is the goal that must be realized in anything practical. Thus, you’ll need a series of reasonable goals to achieve those superior outcomes. It is a fundamental concept that affects one’s mental state, attitudes, and trust.

Going Above and Beyond:

This concept is self-evident. The more work a partner expends in reaching a goal, the quicker and better it completes. This is also called the law of compensation. According to this law, benefits occur in exchange for acts, ideas, and statements. It is a great practice to include in your goal-achieving attitude.

Personality Characteristics:

This idea may be a huge help in your daily life. Goals may be easily fulfilled when you work with individuals who are easy to connect with and nice to work with. According to Napoleon Hill, there are 25 personality traits that you may focus on. These traits can help you connect with people around you and develop relationships.


Each individual who operates in collaboration and encounters team roles is aware of the importance of his duty. Moreover, he knows the tactics to attain the desired results. Such individuals are the initiators of the efforts. It is their responsibility to finish what they started. Principle 4 (going above and beyond) is also an important success element in achieving the desired results.

Positivity in Thought:

Without proper mentality, no effort can begin. A positive adaptive strategy helps you continue going in any situation. There is no such thing as a too-big-to-fail task. Clear targets and the correct mindset to stay focused are the factors associated with this notion. The more optimistic everyone participating in the intended aims believes, the more probable it is to succeed. This is also known as the law of influence.


Enthusiasm is essential for commercial success. The more individuals motivate about the intended aims, the more others will become excited as well. It originates inside an individual and is also linked to rule 3: applied faith. Achievement will attract success if you apply it with trust and drive.


To manage your demands and intended outcomes, you must first control your thinking. The command of your thinking is key to this concept. You take charge of your mindset, thoughts, feelings, actions, and communication. It is a critical idea for making the best business judgments. It also helps in establishing the proper priorities to get the desired results.

Correct Thinking:

Concept 9: self-discipline connects to this rule. It all comes down to mind control. Hill recommends setting your required ideas for achieving your intended objectives first. Then, eliminate any other unneeded thoughts. It’s also known as the power of positive thinking.

“What you believe, you will become,” Napoleon Hill.

Focused Attention:

This philosophy is about prioritizing time and efforts mentality to achieve your objectives. This is the pinnacle of consciousness (principle 9). Before choosing between alternatives, be focused. Which one is more essential to you? What prioritized activities do you need to maintain that concentration?

Collaborative Effort:

TEAM is an abbreviation meaning Together Everyone Achieves More! It is a reality that individuals who work along with a common goal are always successful. Collaboration, along with the other characteristics, is a critical asset for collaborative achievement. It helps to gain common intended outcomes easily.

Defeat and Hardships:

This idea collects the lessons learned through human mistakes and disappointments. You can learn to improve by making tiny mistakes and mastering the knowledge. This is also known as “temporary failure,” as it contains the seed of a (larger) advantage.


Creativity is the word showing the ability to come up with amazing and intelligent ideas. It begins with a simple concept that you may expand in little increments over time. It works potentially in collaboration with others. As a result, your imagination must be free and brave. It arises from the unconscious. You may excite and enhance it with mental exercises.


Whether in work or life, health is essential for enjoying life. It is also needed for achieving personal fulfillment. All principles coordinate and stimulate by this concept. It also promotes conscious decision-making and stamina. You may benefit yourself by consuming nutritious foods and working to challenge your intellect. It will help in reaching the shared desired meaningful objectives.

Energy and Cost Budgeting:

Effort and cash are critical factors in achieving success. It is critical to spend time each day understanding your income. Spending time in connection with your intended goals is also important. Both resources must relate to your present and future. For this purpose, predictions and the decision-making process are critical.


Everyone desires mental serenity, excellent health, and financial stability. Thus, to gain it, you must have formed beneficial habits. Try to form positive habits through your ideas and actions. Such habits will lead you to the path of success.

Why Should You Read Keys to Success?

Here are five reasons why you should read Keys to Success by Napoleon Hill:

  • This book explains 17 principles for accumulating wealth.
  • It flawlessly draws out the essential sense or the intrinsic example of leaders, entrepreneurs, business visionaries, and unmitigated individuals who impacted our reality.
  • It draws out the significant characteristics of authority.
  • It makes sense of the dominating of your psyche brain and how to dominate it.
  • It draws out the significant characteristics of the administration.

Ratings of the Book

If you have thought about utilizing your psyche brain’s true capacity, this book “Keys to Success” is for you. Individuals give this book a positive rating since it merits perusing, and Everything revolves around how an individual can retrain their brain and spotlight all their energy on becoming effective.

The book is about the seventeen principles which can redirect one’s attitude. By applying these seventeen stages, one can start to see positive changes. The writer expounds on fruitful individuals and their accounts to motivate his peruses. He discusses the worth of ingenuity, steady endeavors, and perceiving open doors. The writer attempts to comfort peruses about the requirement for a “Deep yearning” to accomplish something.


What is the main theme of Keys to Success?

Ans. Keys to Success shows the strength of human ideas and their influence on personal achievement. The focus of the book is on how performance improves through constant efforts. The book includes 17 principles to gain success.

What is Napoleon Hill’s formula for success?

Ans. Napoleon Hill’s book Keys to Success helps you to overcome your limits. It gives you the key factors for the fulfillment of your goals. According to Napoleon, you should prepare your desire to enhance your success probability. Take decisive, assured action toward your specific primary goal.

What are the 5 most important principles in the book Keys to Success?

  • Definiteness of purpose
  • Going extra mile
  • Applied faith
  • Self-initiative
  • Positive mental attitude

What’s the primary component that has assisted you with finding lasting Success? 

Ans. Education. The first of the nine achievement factors is education. In our general public, the most generously compensated individuals are the people who know more than normal. They know more of the basic realities, thoughts, and data than the typical individual in their field.

Is Inspiration the key to Success?

Ans. Inspiration fabricates assurance to accomplish something, such as shedding pounds or getting a new position, and when you succeed, you feel content with your outcomes. Thus, if you keep propelling yourself and define and accomplish new objectives, you’ll buy and, at large, feel more joyful than you did.

How Success affects your life?

Ans. Seeing open doors where we never saw them makes us more imaginative. It makes us work together more, utilizing our endeavors more than ever. The achievement makes us dream considerably greater, laying out objectives we would never have thought conceivable.

What did Napoleon Hill say? 

Ans. “Certain individuals dream for success, while others awaken and take a stab at it.” “Most extraordinary individuals have made their most noteworthy progress only one stage past their biggest disappointment.” “Achievement arrives at the people who become achievement cognizant.” “Any thought, plan, or reason might be put in the brain through the reiteration of thought.”

What did Andrew Carnegie share with Napoleon Hill? 

Ans. That is the very thing Andrew Carnegie asked Napoleon Hill to do before Slope assumed the undertaking of talking to 500 of the world’s richest individuals. Carnegie said, “Napoleon, you will have bunches of issues. All that in you will advise you to stop since that is the simplest thing on the planet to accomplish for wimps.


Hill’s book Keys to Success explores the influence of beliefs on personal victory. This book aims to show how excellence is gained. The 17 standards or principles are a summarization of Hill’s successful mindset. These 17 principles will definitely help you gain success. They guide you toward the right path. Applying even one principle per week can guide you along the way to success!



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