The Abundance Book By John Randolph


The Abundance Book was written by John Randolph Price in 1987.

John Randolph price is a globally known award-winning lecturer and author. He spent over a quarter of a century researching the mysteries of ancient wisdom and incorporating those findings into the writing of many books. He was previously a CEO in the corporate world.

John Randolph Price is a well-known lecturer and the author of 18 nonfiction works that combine spiritual philosophy, contemporary metaphysics, and ancient wisdom. There have been three national bestsellers: The Abundance Book, the Superbeings, and the Angels Within Us.

In his book The Abundance Book, he relies on actual experiences to show that awareness is the key to survival. He states that nothing is impossible, even the creation of infinite wealth. John presents a clear roadmap to the Kingdom of Abundance in this book.

The Techniques of Generating Power:

John Price shows the concept of ‘all-sufficiency’ in the first part of The Abundance Book. He underpins all early schools of philosophy and theology. The ancient mysterious systems of Eurasia, Egypt, Persians, and Greek believed that understanding oneself was the key to knowing God. Meditation was the way by which they used to transform disharmony into peace, misunderstanding into knowledge, and scarcity into plenty. Getting deeper inside oneself would lead to the discovery of universal rules of expression in the actual world. You may overcome all restrictions by being a manifestation of love and peace, which Price refers to as ‘innocence.’

“Everything in the Universe is for us. Nothing is against us. Life is ever giving of Itself. We must receive, utilize and extend the gift. Success and prosperity are spiritual attributes belonging to all people, but not necessarily used by all people.” — Ernest Holmes in The Science of Mind”

Peace may be discovered in the holy writings and teachings of Christian medieval theologians and even early editions of the Bible. The belief of God and humanity’s oneness, that everyone has a divine nature, is shared by all of these teachings. The spiritual tale of Thomas argued that self-knowledge leads to an understanding of God, therefore gaining divine capabilities.

Nevertheless, the subsequent Christian church rejected these notions of personal gain and in man. It substituted them with church authority and doctrine. The skills linked to wealth awareness and manifestations were thrown deep when the Dark Ages started. Luckily, the Rosicrucians & Freemasons maintained the information alive. However, by the nineteenth century, this had resurfaced with Emerson & Thoreau’s Progressive philosophy.

John Price has explained this history in such a manner that manifests the ways of generating power. The three major techniques of generating power, according to John, are:

  • First and foremost, desire the kingdom.
  • Each soul should pass the examination
  • You are just what you are because of your efforts

First and Foremost, Desire the Kingdom:

Wealth, as per Price, is simply an outer sign of the underlying supplies. However, chasing the sign alone reduces the inner supplies. Many individuals believe that their wealth comes from their work, company, investment account, or partner. However, while focusing on these external drives, they overlook the true source that brought them in and out of being in that situation. Actual cash will not keep you safe. A deep understanding of God’s as well as the universe’s ability to supply must be acknowledged.

However, it is incorrect to believe that being more spiritual would result in more wealth. According to Price, this magical method of prosperity will not work. Instead, your goal should be to fully comprehend and embrace the source of abundance. Seek this understanding firstly, and whatever you require will follow. John Price has stated in The Abundance Book that the spiritual path to abundance is based on the sincerity of intention.

Each Soul Should Pass the Examination:

Several people still believe that seeking prosperity is unholy. However, the nearer you get to God, the more impossible it is to reject abundance. This is because spiritual insight naturally discloses the rules of abundance to all of us. Mother Teresa, for instance, focused solely on the task at hand. She was certain that the funds she required to continue performing would be forthcoming. This always responded with the power of her faith.

We, too, may live with the same belief about this never-ending supply of affection and material goods. According to Price, everyone reaches a point in life where they are satisfied. This is because they are determined to think that wealth will arrive even though there appears to be no proof of it. When you take this risk, you’ll feel like there’s always enough for the rest of your life.

John Price states in The Abundance Book that every soul should learn the same lesson of abundance. And thus, it’ll be presented with a possibility in the appearance of obvious absence and restriction. If you successfully pass the exam, you don’t have to retake it. Your understanding of the unending flow of abundance will be a precious advantage to you for the rest of your life.

You are Just What You are Because of Your Efforts:

The Abundance Book introduces a fresh way of thinking about wealth. According to John, money is an acronym that stands for ‘My Own Natural Energetic Yield.’ He indicates that what you receive is a direct outcome of the inner state. The universe expects you to show your genuine self via one of the following:

  • Meditation
  • Visualization of your objectives
  • Cheerful love and appreciation
  • Correct actions

Every one of such items generates energy and attracts money-like energy. The more you live in a loving condition, the nearer you go to the genuine truth of the universe. More affection and abundance would naturally come to you in such a condition.

All limits in your existence will be lifted if you practice ‘harmlessness’ throughout your thinking and feelings. In comparison, persistent criticism, abuse, or hatred weaken the spirit and withdraw you from the Path of Oneness. John Price is not all mystical about the abundance mindset. He comments in one of his earlier books that when you’re out of income, discover a means to make some. The universe desires to give you wealth and abundance, but you should join it midway as a “founder.” In this way, Price has provided a way towards gaining abundance in life.

“The masks we wear are simply veils that we have chosen to hide behind in order to get our way, or to demonstrate how we are reacting to the powers and forces that seem to influence us from the external world. They are part of our self image, and in some cases the mask is nothing more than a protective device, a defense mechanism.”

The 40-day prosperity plan

John Randolph Price created the 40-day prosperity plan. It was discussed in his well-known book “The Abundance Book. “Its goal is to assist you in achieving abundant prosperity in your personal and professional lives.

This needs to be done for 40 days for you to embody these truths fully. During the 40 days, any interruption would halt the program’s activation of an energetic current centered on abundance.

John Randolph

John Randolph Price provided us with the following ten guiding principles: If you are resistant to the word God, remember to use the word “universe” instead:

  1. I raise my mind and heart to be aware, comprehend and know that the Divine Presence I AM is the Source and Substance of all my good.
  2. I bring the very substance of Spirit into my mind and experience through my awareness of my God-Self, the Christ within, as my Source. My supply is this substance, and my awareness of God’s Presence within me is also my supply.
  3. As the Principle of Supply is put into action, I can’t have any needs or desires that are not met. My inner supply immediately takes on form and experience in response to my needs and desires.
  4. The Divine Power to restore the years that the locusts have eaten, to make everything new, and to propel me to the High Road of abundant prosperity is my consciousness of the Spirit within me as my unlimited Source. This awareness, comprehension, and knowledge of the Spirit manifest itself in every imaginable physical manifestation and experience.
  5. I focus solely on God within as the sole reason for my prosperity, putting “this world” out of my mind. I acknowledge that the Inner Presence is the source of everything that is visible and that it is the sole activity in my financial affairs. I trust that the Principle of Abundance guides me.
  6. God is extravagant, unfailing abundance, the rich, the ubiquitous substance of the Universe. This infinitely benevolent, all-providing Source is me, the Reality of me.
  7. I perceive the Inner Presence as my extravagant Abundance. I am aware of this Mind of infinite Prosperity’s ongoing activity. As a result, the Light of Truth fills my consciousness.
  8. Money isn’t my inventory. My supply comes from no one, place, or circumstance—my mindfulness, understanding, and information on the all-giving action of the Heavenly. The mind inside me is my inventory. Because my awareness of this truth is infinite, so is my supply.
  9. I am completely satisfied when I recognise the God-Self within me as my ultimate fulfilment. I now understand this truth. I have tracked down the mystery of life, and I unwind in the information that the Movement of Heavenly abundance is forever working in my life. All I have to do is be aware of the flow and radiation of that creative energy, which flows from my Divine Consciousness. Now I am aware.
  10. I am the Divine Consciousness, and its true nature of abundance is always shown to the world. I am not usually the one that handles this but rather it. The only duty I have is to know this truth. As a result, I have complete faith that I will be able to let go and experience God’s abundance and complete sufficiency in my life and affairs.


Who is the author of the book” The abundance book”?

Ans. Author and lecturer John Randolph Price is well-known all over the world. He spent over a quarter of a century researching the mysteries of ancient wisdom and incorporating those findings into the writing of numerous books. He was previously a CEO in the corporate world.

What is the importance of perception according to The Abundance Book?

Ans. The Abundance Book states that perception is the best way to live because nothing is impossible, including the symbolic representation of endless resources and financial autonomy. Whatever we gain in life is based on our perception of it.

What is the publication date of the book The Abundance Book?

Ans. The Abundance Book was originally published on July 1987.

What are the main elements of The Abundance Book?

Ans. The objective of an abundant existence and the attainment of goals

  • An overview of the law of attraction
  • The ability to materialise and visualise
  • How to boost your abundance
  • Wealthy success tales

What is one important lesson of The Abundance Book?

Ans. The Abundance Book teaches the lesson of gaining abundance through your perceptions and mindset. When you keep yourself closer to God, it becomes impossible for you to deny abundance in life. You learn that there is plenty of everything in the universe for everyone.


Abundance shows the important technology trends that offer you a view of a destiny that is far better than you imagine. According to The Abundance Book, an abundance mindset enables you to accept the positivity in life. There are three components that can assist you to live abundantly in a society afflicted by scarcity. These include ignoring the negative perceptions in your brain, addressing the world’s largest issues concurrently, and thinking within the correct section, not beyond the package.

The book implicitly warns that we should never attempt to extort money from anyone or anything as though our prosperity depended on it. Through faith and trust, these numerous income sources will become apparent. There is a part of everyone—Price refers to it as the “Master Self”. It recognizes the laws and eternal truths of the universe, even if you don’t consider yourself religious.

Even when it’s easy to believe in scarcity, life is, in part, a test to see if you can recognize the infallible law of abundance.


The book of Abundance is a 40-day book that assists you with digging further into what your identity is and your motivation. We can all discover our true selves and realise our full potential. Dedication is required for the 40-day challenge. Every day you will write in your diary, after you’ve interceded, about your feelings(manifestation), for 40 days in a row! You will learn things about yourself along the way. I picked up this book because I’ve never felt like I had enough money and have always been odd with it. I also wanted to make my goals come true. This book will dispel any doubts you may have had about money. It made a big difference in how I see the world. Every journey is unique, but everyone should read this book. Particularly individuals who have always believed they never had enough. This book teaches you why gratitude is important and how to get everything you want.

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