The Law of Divine Compensation


“To whatever extent your mind is aligned with love, you will receive divine compensation for any lack in your material existence. From spiritual substance will come material manifestation. This is not just a theory; it is a fact. It is a law by which the universe operates. I call it the Law of Divine Compensation.”

Marianne Williamson is the greatest author, well-known teacher, and one of our generation’s most prominent inspiring scholars. She uncovers the spiritual truths that enable us to manage economic hardship and release the supernatural power of abundance in her book The Law of Divine Compensation (2012).

As Williamson explains, “Consider the world as God’s genuine love letter towards you.” In this book, believers are told that everything will be fine since the cosmos is designed to function for all of us. Wonders should be believed, but what is lacking may be made abundant. I recommend you guys to read this best amazing book for an abundance mindset.

It only requires a change in perception and a belief in positive results. This Law of Divine Compensation is primarily founded on compassion and may be turned off by a poor self-image, wrath, guilt, or judgment. As per Williamson, the spiritual goal in existence is to defeat the egocentric mind of anxiety.

Another strategy to overcome financial anxiety is to regard our profession as the center of our spirituality. Every day brings a new challenge that tests our optimism and our willingness to serve God and many others.

There are charming tales of Williamson’s adventures as well as realistic stories about her customers in this book. She divides the process of examining and growing your plenty into the following steps:

Connect Your Thoughts With Compassion:

As you begin to comprehend the Law of Divine Compensation, this becomes clear that the cosmos is designed to operate in your favor. When you allow romance into your existence, you get exposure to the known universe and unlimited opportunities.

“Our understanding of the universe is just inverted,” Williamson says, “with affection often feeling abnormal and terror often feeling normal.”

This was a mind-boggling experience for me just reading about this approach.

Accept Your Optimistic Outlook:

Our ideas, as we all understand, are quite powerful and influence our world. Whether you are religious or otherwise, the Law of Divine Compensation could be activated or deactivated by your beliefs. When we believe in love and optimism, we engage inner abundance that sets in action behaviors that will help us achieve our objectives.

“Love makes us wake up in the morning with a sense of purpose and a flow of creative ideas. Love floods our nervous system with positive energy, making us far more attractive to prospective employers, clients, and creative partners. Love fills us with powerful charisma, enabling us to produce new ideas and new projects, even within circumstances that seem to be limited. Love leads us to atone for our errors and clean up the mess when we’ve made mistakes. Love leads us to act with impeccability, integrity, and excellence. Love leads us to serve, to forgive, and to hope. Those things are the opposite of a poverty consciousness; they’re the stuff of spiritual wealth creation.”

Change Your Negative Self-Image:

Get the guts to go deep and continuously identify and share your fears and routines. Worries are restricting and deactivating the Law of Divine Compensation, while unpleasant thoughts result from over-identification with the physical world. Be conscious that negative ideas might arise from one of three sources:

1) A poor feeling of self

2) Wrath

3) Guilt

Continue To Let Go of Your Anger And Look Above Your Guilt:

Anger is often misplaced and merely a reflection of our anxieties and grudges against those around us. Discover the liberty to forgive yourself and many others forgetting, humans do not hand success to someone who has mistreated us; rather, we sacrifice the portion of our consciousness that is impeding divine restoration.

Change Your Emotions And Behaviors From Anxiety To Compassion:

It is a crucial phase, and it is here that, the “heart” of the peace is revealed. You may be conscious of the current situation and establish your objectives till your face turns blue. Once you are provoked by becoming conscious of your fear, you may deliberately choose to recognize, heal, and go forward. Though it occurs in a fraction of a second, it is still extremely potent. I have started utilizing The Mashing Strategy to help managers handle these emotions in the present time.

It Is Not Too Late To Start:

The cosmos has life insurance embedded in it. As Williamson notices irrational concerns in these uncertain economic times concerning employment rate, the risks of investment opportunities, the dying down of the economic system, the fiscal crisis, residence repossessions, and the pervasive anxiousness about having sufficient revenue to create it all through old age, she considers a wonderful need for a curriculum in miraculous healings’ divine motifs.

Maintain An Optimistic Attitude:

According to Williamson, there are four basic principles for creating amazing works: maintaining an optimistic attitude, sending you love, having some fun, and kicking some ass. Whenever we consider the universe to be abundant in ways that exceed what any of us can employ, we are able to let go of the restrictive notions. Anyone wealthy is a benefit not just to that individual, but rather to everyone else as well! For example, when I perform an honorable service for a reasonable wage, it enhances our plenty.

Three spiritual steps of transformation of lack into abundance:

The metaphysical transformation of lack into abundance entails three spiritual steps:

  • Be thankful for what you already have,
  • Get rid of whatever needs to be taken care of,
  • Let yourself want what you want.

The three together are a powerful brew. These three steps are as follows:

Be thankful for what you already have:

Even though the phrase “Be grateful for what you have”. It may seem like a common adage, but it still demonstrates wisdom. It’s one of those sayings that we don’t always believe. The majority of us are shallowly grateful for many things. Additionally, only external forces exert power over shallow thoughts.

We consider that one billion individuals live on under $1.25 per day. Many of us carry on with a bountiful life in correlation. However, when was the most recent time we paused to express gratitude for our home? When was the most recent time we reflected on something in our lives and expressed gratitude for it? When was the most recent time we mentally compiled a list of our blessings instead of our complaints?

It’s not just a “nice thing to do” to express gratitude: A “magic wand” or supernatural power. You increase the value of what you already have in your mind by shining a light of gratitude on it. After that, the universe shows that by dressing us in a gown and taking us to the ball.

Get rid of whatever needs to be taken care of:

Most of us have had at least one unpleasant or painful financial experience. You might have been financially abused or stolen from someone else. It’s possible that you missed out on a financial opportunity in the past. You might have trouble paying your bills. You might not even have a chance of getting a job.

What have we discovered thus far? We now know that money does not originate in the material world; It has a non-material origin and is a thing. When facing a financial issue, we have an immaterial solution to a material problem.

I suggest that you make a list of all the places where you have financial difficulties. On the left side of the page, write the problem(s), leaving a few blank lines below each one.

Let yourself want what you want:

It is difficult for many people to desire what they truly want. They think that asking for complete happiness is too much, at least. As a result, they don’t bother to truly listen to what they want.

But when you focus on prayer, meditation, and forgiving others. You have earned the right to trust yourself when you get your body in tune with healthy food and exercise. Your behavior is aligned through a sincere effort to live a healthy lifestyle. Your desires are reliable when you are in line with the truth. You should avoid judging and attacking others while praying and meditating. You shouldn’t sit in front of the television and eat hot fudge sundaes every night. You are eating well and exercising. The abundance you produce by offering your gifts to the universe is reflected in your well-earned money. It does not rob the world’s resources or anyone else’s pockets.

When we look at nature, we can see how abundant it is. The universe keeps it simple in function but not presentation, from the extraordinary design of a flower to the amazing colours on a bird’s feathers, from the grandeur of a mountain range to the sparkling stars at night. That is how we ought to carry on with our lives: serving the purposes of love while expressing ourselves through whatever aesthetic or artistic sensibility brings us joy while keeping the function simple. Our external circumstances do not determine the holiness of our thoughts.


What is the main theme of ‘The Law of Divine Compensation’?

Ans. The Law of Divine Compensation explains how to seek for, pray for, develop, and accept benefits from the environment and God in order to lead a more emotionally motivated and rewarding life. There are written petitions which readers may repeat to themselves to start this amazing and life-changing process.

How is ‘The Law of Divine Compensation’ related to abundance?

Ans. The book discusses how we should view everything, based on one key principle: compassion is God’s all-encompassing actuality, and kindness (or recognizing God) is the only absolute truth. It discusses how we embrace or repel wonders (anger, shame, a poor feeling of self), with such an emphasis on the mindsets that would lead the road to monetary riches.

Who is Marianne Williamson?

Ans. Marianne Deborah Williamson is an American author, political activist, and spiritual leader. She has written fourteen books, four of which were No. One bestseller in the “Advice, How-To, and Miscellaneous” category on the New York Times bestseller list. 

what is the publication date of the book The law of divine compensation?

Ans. The book “The law of divine compensation.” It was originally published on 13 November 2012. 


The Law of Divine Recompense is indeed the supreme revelation, which states, “to whatever degree you are compassionate in your thinking, a divine replacement will be provided for any deficit in your earthly life.”

Because internal wealth is essentially the origin of our exterior plenty, the miraculous is a change in thinking between terror to loving, which permits us to be a receptive channel again for the universe’s unlimited mental talent. It discusses how we tend to repel miracles (anger, shame, a poor feeling of self), with an emphasis on the mindsets that would lead the road to monetary riches.


Marianne Williamson is a great thinker and writer. I feel like I am in a cult when I open this book. Williamson called it a novel. Stamped a beautiful cove and filled some empty pages with flowery, unnecessary, and religious sentences. “Think positively, and your life will be positive. “Even so, even this message contains fundamental flaws.

Positive thinking should help people realize that the circumstances they were born in do not define their life. Just like that, your life. You have control over it, which can change if you have the strength to do so. However, Williamson expects me to maintain a positive attitude and leave the rest to the universe. Please don’t.

The title of this book sounded like it was about opportunities revealing themselves to those who work for them, so I bought it. However, all I could find was a book touting obedience, religion, and what is referred to as “positivity” as the solutions to life’s problems. You can now pretend to accept the problems in your life right now. After all, many people have it worse than you do. You can accept responsibility, correct what you don’t like, and emerge stronger, better, and more self-assured. The latter is my choice.

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