Your invisible power: The Best and Original Visualization Guide


Geneviève Behrend was a French author who also taught Mental Science, Thomas Troward’s New Thought discipline. If you are looking for those books, who are in Small but Hugely Powerful Book that has Helped Millions of People. So, Your Invisible Power is one of the earliest and most inspirational books of ‘New Thought.’ It is small in size but huge in stature, as well as in the impact it has had on millions of people. It teaches you, in simple terms, how to use the power of visualization for your betterment. Reading this easy-to-read book may be one of the most enlightening experiences ever.
Your Invisible Power: The Best and Original Visualization Guide by Genevieve Behrend presents the most delightful introduction to fiction. This book was published in 1921. It’s interesting to read this book because of its fascinating concepts. The best book describes the law of attraction, which states that we are drawn to the things that become our desires. Reading this book will benefit you in both your professional and personal life. It shows that when your perspective shifts, your life shifts. You will meet your objectives if you do have an abundant mindset.
“My Father is the ruler of all the world and is expressing His directing power through me.”

Your Invisible Power – Relation to Abundance Mindset:

“It is your word of faith that sets you free, not faith in any specific thing or act, but simple Faith in your best self in all ways.”

Genevieve Behrend has emphasized the significance of imagery in Your Invisible Power. You may explore your objectives with the aid of optimistic ideas. You will finally take constructive activities to realize your aspirations. This book focuses on the strength of vision. When vision is combined with faith, it helps you to avail different opportunities that help to achieve your goals.

The book is based on the law of attraction, which says that we are attracted to objects that become our wishes. This book is valuable to everyone. It not only provides information but also helps in the development of skills. It assists us in grooming ourselves and moving from scarcity to abundance. This book will assist you to improve your thinking. It will provide you with an abundant mindset that will benefit you. It will benefit you in both your academic and professional success. You will meet your objectives once you have an abundant attitude.

As compared to other books, Your Invisible Power is more focused on visualizing to attain your wishes. It is also characterized by the belief that everyone is indeed a “God through a miniature.” This implies that when you have a scarcity mindset, you forget the link to ‘Divine prosperity.’

4 Major Arguments of Your Invisible Power:

The book Your Invisible Power: The Best and Original Visualization Guide is based on the following four arguments:

  • Visualization brings about order
  • The impact of powerful visuals
  • Manifestations of heavenly abundance
  • Divine essence
  • Seven Things to Keep in Mind

Visualization Brings About Order:

The first argument made by Behrend is that imagery provides structure to our thinking. The universe, as well as the mind that created it, are perfectly organized. Our fertile imagination enables us to represent this structure. According to Behrend, we are not attempting to modify the laws of nature by imagining or capturing a mental image. A powerful visual picture invokes the hidden but dependable law of attraction. It permits things to appear following what’s envisioned.

“We all possess more power and greater possibilities than we realize, and visualizing is one of the greatest of these powers.”

The Impact of Powerful Visuals:

Everyone visualizes, whether he understands it or not. We all build our destinies in our minds first, as we manifest in actual reality. This opens the fantastic possibility of selecting those photographs. Everyone in the entire universe has its start in thought and emerges into life in the very same fashion. We all are cemented projections of thinking. The natural approach generates through the rules of vision, desire, and manifestations.

Manifestations of Heavenly Abundance:

The Divine Creator of the World imagined Himself appearing as his total opposite substance. Behrend takes great pains efforts to explain the philosophy of the ‘law of attraction.’ As the previously mentioned phrase shows, there is a Creative Potential or Divine Thought that created the universe. For completeness, He prefers to see ideas expressed in material reality. Humans are just like the Creative Abilities in the universe. They are able to convert concepts into actuality. Thus, they create their universes in the same manner as God has complete control over the cosmos.

Divine Essence:

Individuals came to see Behrend at their New York offices. Some desired to materialize money, while others desired to be cured in some fashion. Many people were in desperate need. They were either going to destroy their company or their spouse had abandoned them. She could gently tell them that she was not removed from their ‘goodness,’ and this was all a delusion. To reclaim their well-being, individuals first had to communicate with ‘Divine Essence’. Thus, to gain control of your life, try to communicate with Divine Essence first. This will lead you to the development of an abundance mindset.

Seven Things to Keep in Mind:

  • Seven things that you always keep in your mind. In Involving Your Thinking Power for the Creation of New Circumstances,
  • When you visualize, your objective mind is in a state of equilibrium, allowing you to consciously direct the spirit’s flow toward a known goal and prevent your thoughts from flowing in the opposite direction.
  • When you imagine, remember that there are no tough efforts on your mind to hold your thought forms in place. Much effort defeats your goals and forces you to think about the negative things you need to fight; that’s why things are not in your favor.
  • Know exactly what conditions you want to create. After that, consider the other outcomes that will result from achieving your goal.
  • It would be best if you always remembered that you are working with a wonderful potential energy that has not yet been divided into any particular mold but can divide into any particular mold you want by acting in your mind. Using your picture, you can keep your mind focused on the fact that this creative energy is flowing. In addition, you are deciding the course of action that the sensitive and creative power should take based on your mental picture; The externalization of your image is certain when you do this.
  • You prevent thoughts from spreading the spiritual core of your image by keeping it in a positive frame of mind. Your imagined goal is certain to come true because the law acts creatively.
  • You are focusing the creative spirit on this center, where all its forces are equally balanced, by letting your thought dwell on a mental image.
  • The seventh and most important thing to remember when visualizing is to create a mental picture to determine the quality you are giving to the before undifferentiated substance and energy rather than arranging the specific circumstances for its manifestation. This is the seventh and most important thing to keep in mind. That is the creative power’s work. If you let it, it will develop its expressions naturally and save you much stress. If all you want is an expansion in a particular direction—be it health, wealth, or something else—then it doesn’t matter if it comes to you through a channel you thought you could rely on or another whose existence you were unaware of—as long as you get it (which you most certainly will if you confidently hold to your picture). You are focusing a particular kind of energy on a particular goal. Keep this in mind, and never reveal your intentions to anyone. Instead, let specific details take care of themselves.


What is the main theme of Your Invisible Power?

Your Invisible Power shows the theme of the law of attraction. It states that we attract to the things that we desire. We can gain such things through an abundance mindset.

Who is the author of the book your invisible power?

Ans. Genevieve Behrend is the author of the book your invisible power.

Who is G Genevieve Behrend?

Ans. Geneviève Behrend was a French author who also taught Mental Science, Thomas Troward’s New Thought discipline. Besides the fact that one of her parents was Scottish, very little is known about her childhood. She went on numerous trips after the death of her husband.

What is the publication date of the book your invisible power?

Ans. Your Invisible Power was originally published in 1921.

What is the benefit of reading the book Your Invisible Power?

This book has stated the importance of imagery. You can imagine your goals with the help of positive concepts. Ultimately, you will engage in positive initiatives to help you achieve your goals. This book focuses on the power of vision. It enables you to gain the alternatives you need to achieve your objectives.

How many pages of the book Your invisible power?

Ans. The book Your Invisible Power has 108 pages.

What is the moral of the book Your Invisible Power?

Ans. You can train the attraction of more “can do” thoughts by choosing positive thoughts, which can only lead to positive, powerful action. You’ll be more open to receiving the ideas and opportunities you need to reach your goal if your vision is clear and your faith is relaxed.


The book Your Invisible Power is based on the law of attraction. According to this law, we are attracted to the things that we desire. It is indeed a great book that is valuable to everyone. It provides information on abundance and assists in the development of abilities. You will gain your objectives if you get rid of a scarcity mindset. Tolerance, confidence, and dedication are the pillars of a committed connection between a professor and a pupil.

A student who wants to understand the basics of a topic must show these characteristics before such an instructor will accept them underneath his wings. In this example, the instructor was Cornwall, England’s Thomas Toward, and the pupil was Genevieve Behrend. That’s the finest of Troward thinking. Thus, Behrend’s straightforward, and lively book shows life-changing themes on a human level like none.


Your Invisible Power: The Best and Original Visualization Guide is a fantastic book by Genevieve Behrend. People give this book a 5 rating. Behrend’s book is easy to read. A dedicated relationship between a teacher and a student is built on respect, trust, and dedication. Before a teacher accepts a motivated student eager to learn and comprehend the essentials of success, they must prove these characteristics.

Genevieve Behrend was the student in this instance, and the instructor was Thomas Toward of Cornwall, England. He gave his insight to the one and only student who could preserve and spread this knowledge worldwide. Because of how well she conveys life-altering ideas through her incomparably direct and dynamic personality, Behrend can best convey the Toward philosophy.

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