Views of Amit Ray on Abundance Mindset


An abundant mind means thinking and believing that there is more than enough of everything in this world. There are countless opportunities and resources that can be offered to each and every one. View of Amit ray on Abundance Mindset inspires people to leave their comfort zone and anything inherited specifically to a certain limitation. We have discussed how many successful and well-known people around the world have encouraged an abundance mentality. Today, we will discuss another yet successful person named Amit Ray. He is an Indian author and a spiritual master. He is known for his teachings, such as meditation. We will talk about the following aspects:

Life of Amit Ray
Views of Amit Ray on spirituality
Importance of abundance
Amit Ray convictions
Views of Amit Ray on today’s society
Amit Ray’s objectives
Lessons learned from the famous trainer


Life of Amit Ray:

Amit Ray is a successful spiritual master and author. No doubt, he practices and believes in the abundance of mentality too. Amit Ray advocates an abundance of mentality as he believes in the inevitable and infinite resources in this world or on earth. He is a person who meditates tranquility or finds peace and helps others tune in to their spiritual side. His practice is most preferably yoga, where he can help himself and others to find their inner peace. Although Amit Ray doesn’t perceive and significantly dwells on the abundance of mentality, he is more on the spiritual side. One of his quotes read,

“In every crisis, doubt or confusion, take the higher path- the path of compassion, courage, understanding, and love.”

Views of Amit Ray on Spirituality:

Amit Ray is more tuned into his sentiments and qualities of human beings, specifically spiritually and mentally. He believes that we shouldn’t spread hate in the world or negative emotions. It’s important to show compassion and love. He uses emotions as a prime example of having an abundant mind, just as emotions can be endless. There is no ending to it if we want to express it. It applies to everything in this world. Just as the father will be fond of his son for the rest of his life and never run out of emotions, he feels for his son. We can use the same principle to apply to the physical aspects of our lives. There is always more to give.

Importance of Abundance:

There is always more than enough resources, and the world shouldn’t be fighting over one pie. When these people are delusional and don’t see other pies due to the scarcity mentality, it is because they don’t want to take risks in life. They don’t want to explore, and they certainly don’t want to give up on that one pie. They will hold onto it for the rest of their lives, thinking they might have won. In reality, they have caused an issue of stagnation in their lives. They are oblivious to the fact that if they see the world more abundantly, they will be able to find out many more pies in an endless amount.

Amit Ray Convictions:

One of the famous quotes from Amit Ray says:

“Spirituality is about developing the inner sights by opening the third eye and the eyes of the heart.”

Amit Ray believes that being spiritually in tune with our heart and spiritual side can help open up our third eye. This is where we can develop as a person and see the world differently while also being shocked and surprised by the fact that there is so much abundance around us. Amit Ray believes that being spiritually tuned can help us learn about ourselves and our purpose and mission on earth. It helps us lookout for more positive techniques and changes in behavior and lifestyle, which can lead to an abundance mentality. Spirituality or inner peace can be very helpful for us to have an abundance of mentality. It will develop our positive and peaceful side first before we can change our outlook and our physical world. Amit Ray’s books are based on:

  • Yoga
  • Mediation
  • Enlightenment
  • Peace
  • Compassion

Views of Amit Ray on Today’s Society:

Views of Amit Ray on Abundance Mindset takes great effort and action, specifically in a generation. It is where people born are naturally taught or put into their minds the wrongful kind of perception, which is the scarcity mentality. Depending on the person psychologically and how discerning they are, for some, it might take more than just actions, and being spiritual is the easiest way that they can do to reach an abundance of mentality, In this Article, you can read more about Poverty vs. Abundance Mindset

Amit Ray’s Objectives:

Amit Ray believes that if we have successfully found our inner peace and tuned into the purpose of our lives, it can change all the negative aspects of our lives and turn them into positive ones. We develop and refurbish as a whole new person with different principles, intuition, and perceptions towards life. A more peaceful mind can be a key to mastering the abundance of mentality as we are not dwelling on anything negative from a person or of the world. Thus, we don’t even believe in the limitations as being spiritual is like thinking you can reach the sky and the sky is just perpetual. There is nothing such as impossible in the spiritual realm and that your convictions have expanded and you believe in ‘anything is possible.’

What we Learned from Amit Ray:

Being spiritual is one of the most powerful things someone can do, and it can help us guide mankind and its orientation. Today, the world has come up with a specific way of leading life through the perception or scope of scarcity mentality. It is where everyone has forgotten to find inner peace and find themselves. However, they are bustling and hustling to lead a livelihood where they have obstructed their eyesight. There is more to the world than just leading a life that society wants us to lead.


What is the advantage of having an abundance mindset?

The advantages of having an abundance mentality can be a powerful step to being successful. It can help in mastering anything possible in this world by taking risks and chances to explore what’s deeper down.

What are the beliefs of Amir Ray?

Amir Ray believes that the spiritual side can help people open up third, allowing people to see the world from different perspectives.

Why is inner peace important?

Spirituality or inner peace can be very helpful for us to have an abundance of mentality. It will develop our positive and peaceful side first before we can change our outlook and our physical world.


Views of Amit Ray on the Abundance Mindset being spiritual and more focused on spirituality don’t talk much about the abundance mentality. We can learn and observe throughout his life that he always had an abundance mentality. Being spiritual has a greater impact on how he sees the world through an abundance mentality, even if he never acknowledged or had any knowledge about the scarcity and abundance mentality.

Being spiritually tuned in can correct all the flaws that a human has. It can reorient a person to his purpose and finding while exploring out there. They pursue what they are passionate about and what they love doing. They ensure to stay positive and share compassion and love with each and every one. It can help a person to develop an abundance mentality even without knowing. Read more about Tony Robbins Abundance Mentality.

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