Stop Fearing Scarcity: How to Create an Abundance Mindset


An abundance mindset includes seeing life’s unlimited possibilities. It helps you recognize the ability of a positive mindset in yourself. Why should I need to create an abundance mindset? When I was reading the article a few years ago, I asked myself the same question.

I was struggling in every segment of my life let it be my relationship, career, social life, money/financials, spiritual life & career. I seem to be facing bad karma for things that I never imagined could happen.

It was like no matter what I do, no matter how hard I try & no matter how much I put in, the results will never be in my favor. My life is full of scarcity, so I had to figure out why.

My colleagues were paid twice for the same job that I was doing. They were happy despite the challenges that I can see in their lives, the financials never seem to be a problem for them. They were happy, seems in control of their lives & having the mental health that I wish I will ever have.

If you are still reading this article, there is something that lacks in your life. It can be a scarcity in your financials or your relationship is in hot waters or you might be going through a bad phase in your career or if not, your spiritual life is in crisis. I really pray that none of this is a reason for your continuous reading but if that is, let me tell you what I did about those shortcomings.

As I read through the article, just like you are doing right now & I really hope that you will be telling someone else this in the next few years, I realized that my mindset has a lot to do with the problems that I was facing in my life. I am not saying that it was just my mindset that was the problem, the struggles were real but having a scarcity mindset really amplify the intensity of the situation.

I am going to talk about an abundant mindset, its benefits & the ways to achieve it. Wait for a second, believe me when it is absolutely necessary to know about that. There is no point to trust me blindly when you don’t realize the strength of the concept.

I need you to know about the abundance mindset & then the ways to create an abundant mindset

Abundance Mindset

I learned a few abundant exercises immediately after realizing what was wrong with me. We are going to talk about these exercises later in the article but I assure you that with specific exercises, you can enhance your lifestyle 10X from what it is today. If you have a scarcity mindset, you will see the world as just a zero-sum game. Whenever you look at it in terms of shortage, you confine yourself. You have to defeat your scarcity mentality.

You are surrounded by four walls: anger, greed, stagnancy, and victim. You consider another person’s success to be your failure. Having a solution to get rid of the scarcity mindset a must for you? If you have a scarcity mentality you can see yourself falling into a negative cycle every now & then.

Keep in mind that having a scarcity mindset will hold you back from obtaining your life goals. Let’s get into the further details of How to Create an Abundance Mindset!

What Is an Abundance Mindset?

Mindset is a major part of our success. With an abundance mindset, you can easily reach the point where you will achieve whatever you desire.

An abundance mindset helps you get rid of your fears in life. It will help you convert them into the advantages in your life, such as

  • Money problems into financial opportunities
  • Midlife Crisis into an intimate relationship
  • Spiritual Struggles into absolute faith

These are not mere promises as my own life is an example of what can be achieved once you turn your Scarcity into Resourcefulness.

In simple terms, an abundance mindset is a deep process. Having a clear understanding of the abundance mindset is going to help you achieve a lot of positive things in your life.

Truth be told, it is so easy to achieve that as all you need to do here is to have a positive outlook in life.

Successful People Can Develop:

Dr. Carol Dweck, a well-known psychiatrist, is a professor at Stanford University. She studies how self-concepts influence human behavior. She differentiates different kinds of abundance mindsets in her book “Viewpoint: The New Psychology of Success.”

Carol regards them as a fixed mindset as well as a growth mindset, instead of a scarcity vs abundant mindset.

Fixed Mindset

Individuals with fixed mentality believe that their brains and abilities are something. They were born with abilities that will not change throughout their lives.

They regard their characteristics as fixed instead of something that can be improved.

Growth Mindset:

Individuals with a growth mindset think that with experience and time, they can improve their knowledge and talents. They work hard to achieve learning and skill improvement.

They believe in personal improvement, which leads to better personal and professional advancement.

Scarcity VS Abundance Mindset

Another two mindsets are abundance and scarcity. Keep in mind that it is very crucial to know which mindset the person has. The details of scarcity and abundance mindset are as follows

Abundance Mindset:

It is the complete opposite of the scarcity mindset. It only focuses on the unlimited opportunities in your life. Also, it opens new windows to enhance your life and achieve goals that you have always wished for.

Scarcity Mindset:

The scarcity mindset only refers to a way of thinking. As it only focuses on the lack of things in your life. In simple terms, scarcity means limitations such as hunger, disease, and poverty.

While having a scarcity mindset, a person thinks that there are specific or limited opportunities or resources out there for them.

Why Abundance Mindset Is Necessary?

Having an abundance mindset is a great thing through which you can easily enhance your life. You will see more options to achieve success in your life abundant mindset plays a major role. An Abundance Mindset surely provides more choices, more opportunities, and more resources as well.

When did an abundant mindset works?

The answer to that question is that when you specifically focus on just one particular thing, then all the other possibilities which are in front of you can completely go unnoticeable.

Let’s discuss what you need to do to achieve a growth mindset over a fixed one.

6 Best Habits to Make your Mindset an Abundant One:

Even if you are having difficulty believing in yourself right now, with effort, you may build a growth mentality. Try these 6 best habits to adopt abundant mindset activities. They will help you cultivate your talents and positively encourage others as well.

Understand and Accept your Mistakes:

Accepting your mistakes in a healthy, loving manner allows you to learn and progress. Then you may go on a journey of self-development. By accepting your flaws, you may forgive yourself. Also, you will grow from your errors which give a positive impact on life.

Stop beating yourself up, blaming others, or sliding into negative ideas and actions.

Develop your Abilities:

Everyone is imperfect in some way just like we enjoy our advantages. When you discover your shortcomings & you have an abundant/growth mindset, you will improve them to shine. Here are the following points which give you a better understanding of what I mean by “Turning shortcomings into strength”:

  • You will challenge yourself meaning you will cultivate and extend a counter ability against your shortcomings vis-à-vis, if you have anger problems, you will practice patience. Why? Because you realize having anger problems is not a crime but practicing patience is surely a trait worth having.
  • If something you’re good at and like doing, you will double down on that. You will make sure it becomes your signature mark. Here once you enjoy practicing patience, you will extend it further.
  • Something you do repeatedly and have a good track record at. Now, you are an example for the rest to follow 😊

When you put forth the effort to excel at anything, you will automatically succeed. These accomplishments will aid in the development of self-strength. You will place greater value on yourself.

Consider your Possibilities:

Visualization is the act of imagining a future event. You create a mental image of yourself reaching a goal or being your ideal self. Visualization has a lot to do with the creation of an Abundant Mindset. A famous Quotation around Abundant Mindset is

A mind can achieve whatever it conceives”

You may see yourself living in wealth by visualizing it. Consider balancing your checking account, receiving a promotion, or living in a happy house with your family. Dream big and believe in your ability to reach your goals.

Find, Rewire, and then Repeat:

Negative thinking patterns, such as emotions of shortage, often appear at an early age. They become natural and easy as well as routine.

However, let’s rewrite the story of your life. I am dead serious about that. Simply rewrite your current story & confidently craft a desired character of yourself. Hang that story in a prominent place or maybe in your WhatsApp or make it a wallpaper of your laptop or frame it on your wall, any place where you can see that every day

Donate or Volunteer:

If you develop a scarcity mentality, you will consider another person’s gain as your loss. However, an abundance mentality recognizes the infinite resources available to everybody.

Contributing to others, whether in the form of time, cash, love, or care, does not diminish something you already have. It enhances your life by supplying a sense of satisfaction and service. In essence, the more you contribute, the more you get.

Be mindful of your thoughts

Keep in mind that the world where you live is just a straight reflection of what you think and especially what you feel. Do you want to enhance your life and want to taste the success of your life? Then you just need to be aware of your feelings and especially thoughts in your life.

Does Abundance Mindset Help me find true love?

Having firm belief is the major thing when you find something out there. It gives you the idea that who is right and worthy for you. There are hundreds of thousands of partners out there so there is no way to think that your soulmate hasn’t been born yet. An abundance mindset for relationships is your lucky angel. Having this belief will bring immense energy around you.

The following are the things you will achieve in no time to have an abundant partner like you for life. Remember, relationship is not physics Like Poles Attract Each Other here. You are going to attract who you are so if you are not hitting what you desire the most in a partner, change within yourself is a must 😊

A well-equipped personality

Irrespective of what people mostly think, mind matters over looks. A well-equipped personality means you are compassionate, full of life & have the mental strength when the hits come your way. I have a friend in my circle with a relationship that I cherish the most. The guy doesn’t have much in personality & God that girl is beautiful. I wonder how was he able to get such a girl while his own personality & especially appearance needs a great upgrade?

The answer lies in his personality, strongly built on his mental ability to visualize & achieve whatever trait he desires in him.

Patience is the real game

Remember that it’s totally normal to date the wrong person. Having the ability to realize that, been patient with yourself to try another time & been respectful to the person letting him know it’s not what you wanted can really help you achieve your desired relationship.

Move from exploiting to exploring

Do you want a happy and strong relationship? you don’t need to be afraid to try new things. Suppose, if you are afraid or do not have good experience in online dating and it scares you, see it as an opportunity to meet new people. Be genuinely interested in the other person as if you are a spy with the mission to know the most about the person within the minimum time allotted. Doing that will lift off the pressure of being likeable. You will be yourself & the space you will give to your date to be herself will make it easier for both of you to start on the right foot.

Will discuss further steps in another article but try these for now & let me know in the comments how awesome they are?

Are you Ready to Appreciate a Life of Abundance?

Now that you read about the techniques to achieve abundant mindset, the ways to build a resourceful personality, a confident avatar of yourself & a NEW YOU, I need you to do a simple exercise that I promised in the beginning of the article

Exercise to Create an Abundant Mindset

Stand in front of the mirror & deeply try to look into your eyes. As you enter a trance for like a second or two, tell yourself with all the believe in you that *You have what it takes*

Redo the exercise & this time when you achieve that trance of a second or two, remind yourself that *Yes I can do this*

Repeat the exercise two to three times & the ideal time to do it is with early morning shower as it sets the tone of your day.

You will notice a shift in your thought process from scarcity to an abundant mentality with the correct support network. You will do so much better in your life, you will explore more possibilities and will surely earn more opportunities. In this way, you can easily get the desired outcome that you always wish for.

Does an abundance mindset help to attain a happy life?

Having an abundance mindset, you will not face multiple problems as compared to a scarcity mindset. It enables your to open your thoughts and see the world with unlimited possibilities and opportunities.

Moreover, a person who has an abundant thinking knows that it is normal to explore possibilities in order to achieve the desired outcome. They tend to move forward in life with the best confidence level. Just because they have a firm belief in the power to create the environment which they want.


What are the disadvantages of keeping a fixed mentality?

The key issues that result from growth mentality are that it causes kids and learners to:

  • Remain with inadequate learning practices by stressing over effort.
  • Become irritated when they stay to show fixed mindset beliefs and behaviors, causing their learning to deviate.

How I can create a growth mentality for life’s success?

Finding ways of giving back to others might help you create an abundant attitude. Making donations or offering your services will get you in the routine of helping others. Instead of collecting resources for yourself, focus on giving. In addition, frequent acts of charity contribute to increased pleasure and general well-being.

Where do attitudes originate?

A fixed mindset stems from the assumption that your traits are permanent. A growth mindset is based on the concept that your fundamental attributes may be developed through hard work.

How can we get over scarcity thinking?

When you put forth the effort to excel at anything, you will automatically succeed. These accomplishments will aid in the development of inner confidence. You place greater value on yourself. When you are confident in your skin, you are not threatened either by the strengths of others. You acknowledge that all have something to contribute. This style of thinking promotes existing in abundance.

How to get abundance mindset effectively?

While working on given 10 steps, you can easily create a abundance mindset in your daily life routine:

  • Pick you words wisely,
  • Believe on yourself,
  • Recognize the power of your firm thoughts,
  • Build a high-level growth mindset,
  • Develop and explore mastery experiences,
  • Think like a beginner,
  • Share and cultivate your passions.


Living abundantly requires seeing the limitless possibilities in yourself and society. When you widen your vision and cultivate an abundant mindset. You can create endless changes in your life and this can be only done when you know how to create an abundance mindset.

It will help you break away from a scarcity mentality. Thus, you will enter a world of limitless possibilities. Recognize your abilities and work to improve them confidently. Appreciate yourself and, as a response, you value people. When you let everyone win, you will be more willing to aid others.

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