Seven Strategies for Wealth and Happiness By Jim Rohn

Jim Rohn is an entrepreneur, speaker, and author. He inspires many people. He won millions of hearts through his books and speeches during his lifetime. For a long time, he advocated for the power of self-reliance and personal responsibility as a pathway to success. By shining a light on grit, perseverance, hard work, and education, he inspired generations of people looking to improve their life circumstances. Jim Rohn was known to be Tony Robbin’s mentor. He became a self-made millionaire at 31 and has published many books. Jim was a successful author and publisher. Jim Rohn’s book seven Strategies for Wealth and Happiness inspires you to achieve success.

With his inspiring message, Jim Rohn captivated audiences of over 6,000 people and reached 5 million worldwide. His words echo with people from all walks of life, leaving a lasting impression on everyone. He won many industry awards, including the coveted Master of Influence Award and CPAE Award from the National Speakers Association. The ideas and influence of Jim continue to have an impact all over the world.

Views of Jim Rohn about Abundance Mindset:

Jim Rohn was a strong proponent of an abundance mindset. He believed that by approaching the environment and the entrepreneurial journey with an attitude of abundance, one could significantly increase their chances of success and overall satisfaction with the lifestyle and decisions one makes. This flexible and powerful professional and personal growth approach is based on the fundamental belief that there is enough opportunity and success to go around; all one needs to do is seek it out. Here are some of Jim Rohn’s thoughts on the abundance mindset:

  1. Success can take on many different meanings.
  2. The educational system can provide a lifestyle, but self-education can provide a wealth of opportunity.
  3. Surround yourself with champions who can help you stay successful.
  4. Discover the success techniques and set objectives to help you reach your goals.
  5. Set clear objectives and foster positive interactions with others to ensure successful outcomes.
  6. Change the Mentality.

Success can take on many different meanings:

Achievement is a powerful concept. A combination of success and insight occurs when one recognizes the power and potential of existence. This is a journey and a goal, a slow and methodical approach toward achieving a goal. In addition to being tangible and spiritual, it is also functional and magical.

Progress is moving away from one thing and towards another. Such as switching from laziness to activity, sweets to fruits, or consumption to investment. Success results from an attempt to advance, grow and improve. It provides an opportunity to rise to a higher position and gain a better perspective.

Most importantly, success transforms one’s life into what one desire. What do you want from life, considering all the possibilities and the examples of those whose lives are enriched? That is the key question! Remember that achievement is not a set of societal norms but a series of personal beliefs that are defined and eventually realized.

The educational system can provide a lifestyle, but self-education can provide a wealth of opportunity. 

The first step to becoming prosperous is to study success. To achieve success, you should study not only for pleasure but also to gain knowledge about wealth development. Those who accomplish these tasks do not do it by chance; it is a question of understanding the fundamentals of success and then putting them into practice. Achievement is the natural outcome of regularly applying the basics of success to one’s life, such as having a system and adhering to a method. However, maintaining what has been earned through personal progress can be difficult. By transforming yourself, you can improve your life for the better. Try to live off 70% of your salary and use the remaining to trade, save, and give. Additionally, you can alter your career trajectory by reading novels, establishing short and long-term written objectives, taking small steps, finding mentors, learning from others, and creating a financial independence plan.

Surround yourself with champions who can help you stay successful. 

According to Seven Strategies for Wealth and Happiness Jim Rohn, individuals are the average of the five people they feel most comfortable with. While this may be difficult to accept, research has revealed that our environment far more influences us, and we may realize. The people we surround ourselves with are essential to our success. “You are indeed the mean of the five persons you spend the most time with,” declared success trainer, Tony robbins for Wealth and Happiness that will help you achieve more.

If we associate with unsuccessful people, we are likely to become unsuccessful. However, if we surround ourselves with winners, we can become champions. Victors operate because winners (especially other accomplished entrepreneurs who must spend more time) have often faced and overcome the challenges they encounter in their businesses. So, how can we ensure that we are surrounding ourselves with champions? Attending meetings and events is a great way to meet like-minded individuals who can help us reach our goals.

Discover the success techniques and set objectives to help you reach your goals. 

As Jim Rohn famously said, “An extraordinary life begins with polishing personal beliefs, self-growth, breaking through self-imposed constraints, connecting with others, and goal planning.” The most valuable aspect of life is not what we acquire but what we become. It is what we become that adds value to our lives.

To become anything, we must first focus on ourselves. We must be thankful for what we have and learn to listen attentively by becoming good students. We must cultivate discipline if we want to be productive. Discipline is the bridge between ideas and results. It is the key that unlocks life’s joys, prosperity, and achievements – the weapon that brings all that is wonderful into our lives.

Set clear objectives and foster positive interactions with others to ensure successful outcomes.

The people we choose to have in our lives can profoundly impact us. We should always appreciate the power of influence. We must ask ourselves questions such as, “Whom am I becoming?” and “What are my enemies up to?” These are important considerations. To become the people we want to be, and we must distance ourselves from negative influences.

We must reduce our association with the wrong places and people while increasing our connection with the right ones. But who are the right people? They have worked hard, value effort, and have a positive influence.

We can see that ideas shape behaviour and learning shapes the people we associate with. We must set goals for ourselves. When we have clear objectives, we will strive to achieve them. Goals give us direction, so we must set them before moving forward.

Change the Mentality: 

Change is always a positive thing. People will only achieve something if they blame the elements surrounding them, such as the sun, climate, and other individuals. To make a difference, we must change ourselves, which can be done through a shift in our philosophical outlook. This can be accomplished through more reading and research. All of the world’s most successful leaders are avid readers. They have learned from events and the lives of remarkable people. Investing in yourself now will lead to a better future. Spending 30 minutes each day watching or listening to something positive that will help us to change is a great way to start. For example, if we want to become wealthy, we should read literature on “how to become wealthier.” Investing in ourselves and our future is a surefire way to make a positive change.

Jim Rohn’s seven strategies for wealth & happiness

Seven Strategies for Wealth and Happiness as industry influencers, we must broaden our perspectives on wealth and happiness. Jim Rohn is the definitive industry figure of our lifetime, capable of influencing our paths to personal success, professional success, and great business success.

For over four decades, Jim Rohn, widely regarded as America’s preeminent business philosopher, has imparted his principles and philosophies of success to over six thousand audiences and five million people around the globe. His teachings have been instrumental in helping countless individuals achieve their goals and realise their dreams. Seven Strategies for Wealth and Happiness are as follows:

Make the force of objectives your own.

A dream that inspires you to take action is called a goal. There is always a path to achieving what you desire if you know what it is and are determined to make it happen. When considering what motivates you, ask yourself, “What drives me?”

Jim Rohn identified four primary sources of motivation: Recognition

  • A sense of accomplishment
  • Family
  • Charity.

These can be powerful catalysts for taking action and achieving your goals.

Take advice from others.

It is essential to acquire the ability to recognise anything truly valuable in your environment. To do this, you must continue to learn and grow, even if you are no longer in school. One way to do this is to keep a journal and reflect on the past week’s events. Take the time to analyse your mistakes and learn from them.

Learn from the mistakes of others: Rather than repeating the same errors as others, take the opportunity to learn from their missteps. By doing so, you can avoid costly mistakes and maximise your chances of success.

Reflection: Take note of the events in your life and use them as learning opportunities. Doing this will provide you with invaluable knowledge. To truly capitalise on your experiences and turn them into a valuable commodity that can be sold and generate wealth, it is essential to take the time to reflect and store the memories in your mind. Once you do this, you will be able to maximise the potential of your experiences.

Learn to change.

If someone gave you a million dollars, you would do everything possible to become a millionaire. A highly successful individual once said, “If you were to take all the money in the world and distribute it equally among everyone, it would soon be back in the same places it was before.” This statement speaks to the power of ambition and the importance of striving for success.

Take control of your finances.

If you allow money to become your primary focus and prioritise wealth over other values, you will have lost rather than won. Our actions reflect our character, and as Jim Rohn said, we should be grateful for the taxes we pay as they are essential for the government to provide public services, fund research, and finance defence.

Manage your time.

It is essential to manage your time effectively to maximise your productivity. Time is a finite resource, and it is essential to make the most of it. There is no way to get more of it, so it is important to use it wisely.

Surround yourself with winners.

The people around us often influence us; if they spend all their earnings, we may be inclined to do the same. It is important to ask yourself:

How is this person influencing me?

Is it beneficial for me to be in their company?

Taking the time to reflect on these questions can help you make more informed decisions about the people you associate with.

Learn how to maintain your health.

Prioritise quality over quantity if you want to make your life more fulfilling. Money should only have power as it currently does. Be mindful that money can be a magnifier. For example, someone who drinks can become overwhelmed by alcohol if they have more money. Having more money can help an already content person feel even more joy.


What is an abundant mindset, as per Jim Rohn?

Ans. An abundant mindset is a positive outlook that recognises everyone has the resources and capabilities to succeed. It is the belief that there is enough to go around and that everyone has the potential to achieve their goals.

Which was Jim Rohn’s most famous work?

Ans. Jim Rohn was a self-made millionaire, an American businessman, an author, a motivational speaker, and even Anthony Robbins’ mentor. He was the author of numerous books, but his most famous work was his philosophy on the value of self-discipline in achieving one’s goals in life and business.

How can you alter your career?

Ans. You can alter your career by investing in yourself through education, reading, setting written goals, taking small steps, finding mentors, learning from others, and creating a financial independence plan.

How can an individual achieve an extraordinary life?

Ans. According to Jim Rohn, an extraordinary life is achieved by cultivating personal beliefs, engaging in self-growth, pushing past self-imposed limits, connecting with others, and setting and achieving goals.


seven Strategies for Wealth and Happiness believes that approaching the environment and the entrepreneurial route with a productive mindset could significantly impact a business’s success and the happiness of an individual with their lifestyle and decisions.

This robust and adaptable approach to professional and personal advancement is based on the fundamental premise that there is enough opportunity and success to go around, and all that is required is to seek it out. According to Rohn, having a great attitude can mean different things to different people. The school system can offer a lifestyle, but self-education can provide a fortune. To achieve success, it is important to surround yourself with champions, set goals, and engage with others.

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