What Is Abundant Thinking?


You have often heard of the term “abundance.” This single term underlies many wonderful concepts that can change your life! Abundant thinking is a worldview that there are sufficient resources and achievements to share. It is a positive and powerful attitude that enhances your life’s happiness and provides more possibilities.

This worldview contrasts with a scarcity mentality or the idea that it is insufficient to go around and that individuals must protect their achievements or resources from others. 

To know what is abundant thinking actually is, let us first discuss the concept of scarcity.

Thinking about Scarcity:

Many of us have an “if only” mentality. “If only I had that dream job, money, and vacation…” This perspective leaves us feeling trapped, as if we have not had enough and, honestly, as if we are not adequate.

This scarcity mindset influences how we set up our companies and engage with our coworkers. When other people are successful, we feel threatened and in fear-based workplace culture. We respond and act quickly, shortening deadlines and demanding the unattainable. We leave ourselves little opportunity to think properly.

Scarcity concentrates on what we do not have. The shortage track leads to a lifestyle that is only partially lived. It is a lifestyle that can only be defined as walking. It keeps pouring powerful negative emotions, such as a high tide causing waves in a rocky pool. Not to forget the innumerable wasted chances and experiences.

Concept of Abundant Thinking:

Abundant thought is a mentality and attitude that focuses on what we already have. It shifts our viewpoint by allowing us to perceive possibilities rather than limitations. This aids our teams in working at peak productivity and cooperation. It helps those who:

  • Choose to travel the road of plenty and live an entirely different life
  • Choose to enjoy life to the fullest
  • Keep choosing happiness, naturally giving, creative, and motivating
  • Take full use of the possibilities that come to their path as remarkable experiences.
  • Are creative, feel plentiful, and inspired
  • Live meaningful life experiences and create memories
  • Enjoy the new opportunities that come your way and take full advantage.
  • Take 5 minutes to analyze your position in any of these categories!

3 Best Tools that aid in the transition from scarcity to plenty:

Now you have recognized both types of mindsets. Here are three devices to aid your transition from scarcity to abundance:


Psychologists have investigated this concept through the research of “aesthetic adaptation.” This reveals that when we satisfy our aspirations for more money, energy, and skills. We rapidly recover to the same happiness levels we had before the gains.

“Gratitude builds a bridge to abundance.” (Roy Bennett)

So, even if we are pleased now and conduct more, it is still insufficient. You are going to remind yourself of what you have. You keep realizing that “more” can never make you fat. It encourages you to realize how fortunate you are.

It concentrates on the concept of enough – having enough, enjoying enough, and reaching enough. Being appreciative also increases dopamine levels in the brain. It allows you to feel better and healthier and get a more expanded perspective. So, concentrate on what you have, whatever you have done.

What is the most remarkable thing about your life? Putting this down in writing might help you develop your brain networks. It will help shift into this mode of thinking more readily.

Believe in yourself

When the world is conspiring against you, it is tempting to lose confidence in a better way. All you need is the tools to help you escape that rut and remember that YOU CONTROL YOUR LIFE.

Look for things like relaxation, taking a walk, and pampering yourself. Be in a comfortable environment, or listen to an inspirational story/film/conversation. Do anything creative or find a perfume that brings back a nice memory. 

List the things that motivate you about the opportunities in life. Take immediate action this week whenever you start to lose trust.

Celebrate Other Success:

From a scarcity-based perspective, we regard rivals and friends who have what we want as a danger. Because we feel that when they have or who is that item. We think we cannot have it. This viewpoint is based on the belief there is not enough for everyone. When we are in an abundant mentality, we are content to celebrate with others. This is because we know there is much more to go about. If others achieve, it paves the road for you to conduct.

This week, appreciate the accomplishments of others. Take inspiration from them. Realize what the contrast teaches you about the emotion you want to foster in your life. Is there more success? What does it feel like to be successful? Is it self-assurance? Is this a better position? There is something about that profession that inspires you. Please make a note of it and use it to motivate yourself.

7 Benefits of Having an Abundance Mindset

Start asking yourself – what will I gain by moving to an abundance mindset? The benefits of this mindset are huge, and here are the 7 top benefits you will get:

You begin to realize that the world is getting bigger

An abundance mindset allows you to maintain and create a vibrant, compelling, and unbeatable atmosphere. This is no ‘longer’ wishful thinking. Instead, it is based on your ‘now.’

“Plant seeds of happiness, hope, success, and love; it will all come back to you in abundance. This is the law of nature.” (Steve Maraboli)

You are not afraid of the future

With scarcity, people fix their mindset and often fear the unknown. Before they even know what is in the store for them, they already begin to fear the nastiest in the future. With the abundance mindset, the ‘fear of the future’ is gone as you know there’s much to go around. You become excited about your professional development and your future.

You become a giver

Because you know there is enough to go around, you give without even thinking double because your mindset is like, “I have enough for myself and enough to give.” I am not talking about financial giving. You can share your advice, knowledge, and time by helping a friend with a service!

There is a wave effect that comes with giving. The more you receive, the more you give, and you’ll see how people are willing to give back to you. When you have enough around you, you try to give without thinking.

You become happy for others

With the growth of attitude, you will begin to understand others’ success does not reduce your own. Likewise, your success does not diminish the accomplishments of others. This mindset will make to see your competitors as potential associations in growth opportunities.

You Start to be Deliberate about your Selection of Words

Scarcity mindset people always have negative something to motivate someone. However, while having an abundant mindset, you know what you are saying and when to say it because you understand the language you use for yourself.

Having an abundant mindset helps you see the right words that will inspire, motivate, build confidence, maintain productivity, and show your values to others around you.

You do not regret missed opportunities

After realizing that this world is full of endless possibilities and opportunities, you will stop worrying about failed projects and missed opportunities. Now, you know that the next day, month, and year will bring you better, bigger, and more thrilling opportunities.

You begin to embrace change

The abundance mindset makes you understand that change is an essential part of life, that it is constant, and that if there is no change, there is no progress. So, developing this mindset helps you to be flexible enough to embrace and accept life’s changes.

It will also help you become optimistic that this change of life will lead the more positive outcomes, even if the change is somewhat difficult to direct.

I think of these keys traits when I think of an abundance mindset:

  • Growth mindset: abundance living means having a growth mindset that believes you can improve your skills and intelligence with hard work and that you’re not stuck with what you have.
  • Think big: People with an abundance mindset think big somewhat than limit themselves to a bird’s eye opinion of their conditions.
  • Knowing that there is enough to go around: Thinking abundant means seeing an infinite number of resources like money, success, and love. In other words, someone else’s advantages or success doesn’t take anything away from you.
  • Change embracing: Abundance mentality embraces and accepts change rather than resisting it.

3 Amazing Tips for Developing an Abundant Mindset 

Believe in yourself when you are in trouble. With practice, you can develop a growth mindset. Try these abundance mindset exercises to raise your support and strength positively.

Recognize your weaknesses and accept them 

If you have a scarcity mindset, you ignore flaws and weaknesses. You fall into self-pity and do not improve yourself. In this case, you can never take any step —this results in unhealthy patterns, like acting out on others and self-destructive behavior.

Stop ignoring your weaknesses and accept them. Learn from your failures and keep taking little steps towards self-improvement!

Develop your Strengths

Have you ever had the feeling that ‘I am full of flaws? Such a feeling limits your thinking and forces you to ignore your strengths.

When you recognize your assets, you can develop them into your strengths. Here is the definition of strength:

  • Something you enjoy doing and do well
  • Something you will do again and again, and then you will maintain an excellent record.
  • A quality of growth that is in yourself and develops when challenged.
  • You will naturally succeed when you work hard. This achievement will help to build confidence.

Imagine your potential

Imagine you have achieved your ideal self and your goals. It definitely sounds like woo-woo!

Research shows that imagination is a powerful tool for success. Russian scientists studied the link between success and image among Olympic athletes. They divided the participants into four groups:

  • Group one: Physical training 100%
  • Group two: 25% mental training and 75% physical training
  • Group three: 50% mental training and 50% physical training
  • Group four: 75% mental training and 25% physical training

It was seen that those in group three were better able to cope with challenges. Thus, a balance of mental and physical training is vital to your success. Your imagination can make you realize your potential. Start right now! Think of your greatest potential and make the best use of it every day!


What do you consider to be abundance?

Ans. Abundance refers to a vast quantity of anything. Nature has an inherent natural urge to express, expand, and become greater. The living force wants to produce even more of anything.

What impact may appreciation have on our lives?

Ans. Gratitude is significantly and persistently connected with higher happiness in positive psychology research. Gratitude aids people in feeling more pleasant emotions and appreciating wonderful experiences. It also improves their health and helps to deal with hardships. It also helps in developing great connections.

What can I do to change my mindset?

Ans. Positive thinking is the habit of concentrating on the positive aspects of any situation. It is often known as an optimistic mindset. It can have a considerable influence on both your physical and emotional health. However, it does not imply ignoring reality or making light of difficulties. It means that you face life’s positive and negative aspects if everything goes well.

What attitude is shared by all successful people?

Ans. Successful individuals focus on development, decision-making, and self-improvement. While failed people regard their talents as fixed assets and shun difficulties. Successful individuals have a development attitude. A growth mindset is based on the concept that success is achieved through constant, steady progress. Achievement is viewed as a path rather than a goal with a growth mindset.

How do the thoughts of abundance influence behavior?

Ans. Experimental studies based on neuroimaging show that an abundance of minds enables individuals to make goal-oriented decisions and may adversely affect decision-making ability.

Why is abundance important in thinking?

Ans. Having a rich mindset substantially changes the way we see things. By building a healthy mindset and acting out of motivation rather than fear, you can attract what you want in life.


A great attitude is an optimist who is truly pleased for others when they succeed. Someone with a scarcity mentality is competitive and hates others’ successes. However, people with an abundance attitude understand there is abundance for everybody.  They prefer to navigate through life with a sense of contentment. They have confidence in whatever they have and what they are worthy of holding. Thus, they trust in their ability to produce what they want.

The social advantages of an abundance mentality include feeling kinder and more sympathetic towards others. It makes you more tolerant and friendly, and you experience less loneliness. Recognize your potential and start practicing simple exercises to get rid of scarcity and gain ultimate abundance!

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