How to Conquer the Scarcity Mindset


Scarcity Mindset is all around us. The day begins with “I didn’t get enough sleep.” The hurry to get the children fed and then out the doors is then followed by the nagging thought. That we are “not present enough” as caregivers.

What is a Scarcity Mindset?

Have you ever tried to finish a task but kept getting interrupted? The diversions are not from outside sources, such as noisy children or a demanding employer. But from within your thoughts. That is something you need and cannot get enough of. For example, suppose you are dieting and all that you can concentrate on is the stuff you are not allowed to consume. A scarcity mentality occurs when you are obsessed with a shortage of something. Often time or cash, you are unable to engage in anything at all, no matter how tough.

The Impact of a Scarcity Mindset on Your Behavioral Health:

A scarcity attitude is not something you choose to have. When you do not obtain what you want, your brain creates background music. But it will cost you. Concentrating on something you do not have might be damaging to your mental well-being. When all you can concentrate on is the unsatisfied need, you might develop “blind vision.” A scarcity mindset has further effects on the mind and can even lead it to function differently.

It reduces your intellectual quotient (IQ):

A scarcity mindset might reduce your IQ by up to fourteen points. It may not appear to be much, but it is sufficient to raise your score from ordinary to exceptional and vice versa. If your IQ is average, dropping 13 or 14 levels might push you into the poor category.

It impairs your cognitive function:

Scarcity thinking impairs your ability to solve issues, keep knowledge, and reason rationally. It also has an impact on your brain’s decision-making mechanism. A scarcity mindset makes it difficult to plan, organize, and begin a job or activity. Your mind is obsessed with something you will not have.

It makes impulse control more difficult:

The region of your brain that makes decisions also regulates your impulses. Whenever tunnel vision impairs your brain activity, you are more prone to respond to emotions you would not normally give in to. When we focus our attention on one subject, other parts of our brain begin to weaken.

How to Break Free from Scarcity?

The absolute counterpart of scarcity forms abundance. There is enough for everyone if you have an abundance mindset. Scarcity thinking is not a personality feature. It is caused by the environment around you. Use these suggestions to alter your mindset from one of scarcity to another of abundance.

Concentrate on What you Have:

Scarcity often prevents people from changing careers. Because they believe there are not enough possibilities. Consider the good in your life and allow them to propel you ahead

Surround Yourself with Upbeat Individuals:

Individuals around you have a huge impact on you. Getting time with positive-thinking individuals will have you thinking along the same lines in no time.

Become More Grateful:

It has been proved that gratitude improves mental well-being and peace. Make a thankfulness diary and record five things you are thankful for every day.

Recognize the Opportunities:

Concentrating on one thing might educate your brain to ignore other items. Instead of focusing on the problem, retrain your mind to explore options and solutions.

Suggestions for Dealing with a Scarcity Mindset:

Other vital things drop by the wayside because of the tunnel vision induced by a scarcity mindset. Begin leaving the tunnel by managing your time and automating things. This will aid you in creating a successful future.


Keep track of bill payments by scheduling them and writing them in a calendar. If your work offers one, enroll in a 401(k) plan. So, you can collect funds without having to worry about it.

Work and Relaxation:

Be available to get up from your seat and extend your legs. Get adequate sleep each night to increase job performance and combat a time-scarcity mindset.


Begin training with a friend or schedule an appointment with a fitness instructor. It increases your likelihood of keeping a healthy living, which can reduce stress.


Take one grocery trip per week, plan dinners and stock up on nutritious items. Planning might prevent you from getting diet mistakes since a scarcity mindset impairs impulse control.

It is Family Time:

Join up for a regular family activity or trip that you could all do simultaneously.


Be available for yourself once a week to rest and redirect your energies. Even if it is only for hours. Better time management might help you prevent the sense of being on the go all the time.


What would it mean to get a scarcity mindset when it comes to dating?

Ans. A scarcity mindset may be formed by setting your expectations too high. It prevents you from being available to the endless possibilities of love. Scarcity supplies the appearance that only a specific sort of person is suited for you. Nevertheless, after you have found this person, you are left wondering if the lawn’s grass is greener.

Is it harmful to have a scarcity mindset?

Ans. Scarcity thinking is not necessarily a negative thing. It used to be an evolutionary benefit. When ancient peoples lacked necessities such as food and clothing, this thinking let them focus on what was most necessary. Even today, it might aid us to focus on things when we are pressed for time.

What factors contribute to a scarcity mindset?

Ans. A sense of fear might induce us to think in terms of shortage. Scarcity mentality refers to the assumption that there would never be enough. It causes feelings of worry, tension, and anxiety.


A scarcity mindset is a way of thinking that focuses on what you do not have. It is the basic idea that you will never have the things you want. Even if you have access to fundamental requirements such as food, drink, housing, and money. Although scarcity is often characterized as a lack of all the necessities for survival. This description is not meant to minimize the genuine tension and misery that may be produced by the scarcity mindset. Rather, it emphasizes how powerful this attitude can be.


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