How to be successful. Tony Robbins five secrets to abundance


Tony Robbins is a famous motivational speaker. He is a successful American entrepreneur, author, philosopher, and a successful coach. He is known for his seminars and self-help book. Tony’s best-selling books include Awaken The Giant Within.

Mr Robbins is the author of six books that are best-sellers all over the world. One of which is MONEY: Unshakeable and Mastering the Game: Your Playbook for Financial Freedom LIFE FORCE, his most recent book. In February 2022, the book How New Breakthroughs in Precision Medicine Can Transform the Quality of Your Life and the Lives of Those You Love was published.

Tony Robbins says, “Cultivate gratitude for the things you have now” is a must.” Everything that is added will feel like a bonus” if you do that.

“Live life fully while you’re here. Experience everything. Take care of yourself and your friends. Have fun, be crazy, and be bizarre. Go out and make a mess! You’ll do it anyway, so why not enjoy the process”.

According to Robbins, what is an abundance mindset?

A mindset of abundance is based on the belief that the world has enough resources for everyone. We should be thankful for what the universe gives us. He explained that scarcity is a mental choice that must be made before it will go away in one’s physical life. It is frequently contrasted with a mindset of scarcity. The belief is that the world’s resources are limited. When one person obtains something, leaving less for others.

Adopting one of these two distinct approaches can alter our entire perspective. A scarcity mindset emphasises unmet needs: what others have that they don’t. Short-term thinking is common, and their relationships are less satisfying. They are focusing on what they already have.

Accepting the present moment is the symbol of those with an abundance mindset. They can make better decisions and make plans for the future because they are not in a state of fear. As a result, they enjoy the numerous advantages of gratitude. Or, to paraphrase Tony, “When you are grateful, abundance appears, and fear disappears.”

Signs to have an abundance mindset:

  • You help others. People who believe in scarcity are too preoccupied with taking to give back. If you regularly give away your possessions, volunteer your time, energy, or skills. You can develop an abundance mindset if you enjoy caring for your loved ones.
  • You live in the present. When you focus on gratitude and abundance, you don’t get stuck in the past or worry about the future. You concentrate on taking in everything. You are aware that the present is the only certain thing.
  • You celebrate other people’s success. Fear and jealousy are opposites of an abundance mindset. You believe that your success will equal that of others. Other people’s achievements will not diminish your own. You truly rejoice in the accomplishments of other people.

Tony Robbin’s five secrets to abundance:

“The secret of abundance is learning to use pain and pleasure rather than letting them use you. You will be in charge of your life if you do that. Life has control over you if you don’t”.

In the business world and other competitive settings, it is common for many people to think about scarcity. But you’ll be able to take advantage of opportunities you never imagined. This will happen when you learn to cultivate an abundance mindset.

Money Master the Game, his most recent book, “7 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom,” Tony Robbins applies his methods for inspiring change in the financial sector. Despite the author’s claim that his book delves into “secrets from the world’s greatest financial minds,” he is also a hugely successful individual. Tony Robbins’ net worth was estimated at $480 million in a recent Forbes article!

Unsurprisingly, many people want to learn from Robbins’ success story. Tony Robbins’ wealth, success, and enjoyment of a life that is both more satisfying and of higher quality can all be traced back to these seven fundamental routines.

Here are Tony Robbins’ five secrets to abundance are discussed. Five secrets to an abundance of Tony Robbins are as follows:

  1. Reading 30 Minutes a Day:

Tony Robbins says that reading daily is one of the best financial and life success habits. “A few years ago, I fell in love with a routine that ended up being one of my best decisions ever”—reading for at least 30 minutes daily”.

Robbins said in a post on his Facebook page. One of my teachers, Jim Rohn, once told me that reading something with substance and value was nourishing and taught me that distinction was more important than eating. He advised, “Miss a meal, but don’t miss your reading.”

According to Robbins, reading is essential for building knowledge, skills, and financial value. That maintains goal focus. One of the main ways he makes money, he told Farnoosh Torabi on her podcast “So Money,” is to learn more. For me, it’s looking for answers and never thinking you have them all.

The life coach isn’t the only one who uses this habit of learning new things to make more money. Warren Buffett is also a voracious reader. Who claims to devote most of his workday to learning about investing strategies.

  1. Adopt a more powerful belief:

Our beliefs have many different aspects, and it can be hard to figure out where they came from. It may be even more challenging to replace them with healthier beliefs. Be that as it may, assuming existing convictions hinders appreciation’s behavior. You’re focused on creating. It’ll merit your chance to invest the energy. It’ll merit your chance to invest the energy.

Make a list of what you are grateful for to put yourself in a more positive frame of overcoming and mind your self-defeating beliefs. The next step is to practice changing your limiting beliefs into ones that empower you. As you reveal each restricting conviction, ask yourself. Is this belief preventing me from pursuing gratitude or moving me closer to it? You will discover that adopting a mindset of abundance and a grateful attitude becomes more natural with practice and diligence.

  1. Choose your Goal

It is essential to envision one’s goals to achieve success in life and finance. Robbins used to run and repeat chants to himself as a young man to stay focused on his goals.

Robbins believes that when people imagine financial wealth. They want it to make it easier to achieve those goals by envisioning them. People can also enjoy success’s psychological and emotional benefits without waiting for its financial reality. A sense of wealth makes it easier to achieve financial success in one’s life rather than waiting for one to become wealthy.

Robbins stated in a video that can be found on his website, “I would envision God’s wealth circulating my life, and I would see the wealth of love, friendship, impact, growth, and economics… I’d see this wealth of abundance flowing, oceans of it, into my life. I went and did these things,”.

  1. Accept changes: 

Accept change because life never goes according to plan. There will always be unpleasant hiccups. We must learn to accept change because it is inevitable. Every change that life brings our way has the potential to transform us, regardless of whether we select to accept it or not.

So, what exactly is an abundance mindset? It does not imply denying the situation or suppressing your feelings. It indicates that you have resolved to live in a beautiful state every day, regardless of the circumstances. Because you won’t be happy very often if you only feel happy when things are going your way. Additionally, the more you begin to make these subtle adjustments, the more you will be able to cultivate an abundance mindset. More you will begin to feel joy. Eventually, you will establish a new emotional home.

Rather than letting it derail us—practice gratitude by “softening” to change and allowing it in without resistance. Instead of telling yourself that you either have less, lost, or will never have something you want, make the command decision to concentrate on adopting an abundance mindset and focusing on the things for which you can be grateful. You can cultivate an abundance mindset in everything you do by learning how to express gratitude in difficult situations.

  1. Examine the limits of your beliefs.

Unconscious beliefs about ourselves and the world that keep us from living our lives to the fullest are known as limitative beliefs. For example, even in the best of circumstances, it won’t be easy for you to learn how to express gratitude. You have the unconscious belief that you do not deserve happiness.

As you embrace the process of growing your capacity for gratitude in your life? Keep an eye out for self-limiting beliefs. Consider how they prevent you from realizing your full potential. It will become clear how your beliefs affect almost every aspect of your life if you begin the laborious process of replacing them with an abundance mindset. This is because a variety of life experiences shape our beliefs.

Our insight base, current circumstances (at various times), and positive and horrible life-altering situations are the aftereffects of our past activities and how we imagine our future.


What is the abundance theory?

Ans. According to abundance theory, you can begin attracting personal and material abundance into your life by aligning your thoughts and feelings with opportunity and positivity.

How can I apply the Law of Attraction by Tony Robbins?

Ans. The law of attraction states, in the words of Tony Robbins, that “everything you keep in your thoughts constantly is exactly what you will encounter in your existence. “To put it another way, you attract what you focus on. If you project negativity into the world, you’ll feel like you’re living in a cloud.

Why did Tony Robbins become so well-known?

Ans. Tony Robbins became one of the world’s most well-known motivational speakers and life coaches after overcoming poverty and trauma as a child. His career’s fruits include self-help seminars from the 1980s, best-selling books, his resort in Fiji, and an award-winning documentary.

What is the philosophy of Tony Robbins?

Ans. Personal power is at the heart of Tony Robbins’ philosophy. If we can only learn to access and make the most of it, we have everything we need to succeed within ourselves. So, why do we choose to ignore our true capabilities? It’s possible that we don’t have the motivation to take action or that we’re too overcome with doubt to move forward.

How do people know Tony Robbins?

Ans. Tony’s roots are in publishing and selling books on motivation. It is how most people are familiar with him and how he made his first million. He has written many of them and sold over 15 million copies. Seven of them have become international bestsellers.

What principles guide Tony Robbins?

Ans. Tony Robbins asserts that your evaluations, choices, and actions are shaped by your values, shaping your future. Deep fulfilment, inner peace, certainty, and joy are brought about by living by your values. Your values serve as your compass when you are clear about them.


Tony Robbins has been stimulating people for nearly four decades to live life to the fullest and achieve their goals, and he rarely employs the term “motivational” to describe his methods. This is because his tactics go beyond mere words. They are not just meant to make you feel better or set unrealistic goals for yourself. its meant to show you a completely different way to see life. They are insights that you can immediately put into action.

People who succeed in any situation have a pattern of what they do to succeed. It doesn’t matter whether that person is succeeding in a business context or a relationship context; it doesn’t matter what the environment is. The fundamental lessons or laws for succeeding are very basic. They work hard and achieve success.

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