Free Online Mindset Courses


Free Online Mindset Courses require you to consider your view of life, mainly your ideas and habits. It helps you to appreciate how mindset influences outcomes. Alison’s free web mindset coaching classes will teach you how to shift from a scarcity to an abundance mentality. Shifting your way of thinking may sometimes transform your life. Begin right away!

Courses in Mindset Training:

Below is a collection of mindset training programs. They will aid you in developing self-awareness and a growth mindset. These sessions instruct and motivate people to push themselves beyond their comfort zones. They significantly increase their job performance. The following are some best courses for you:

  • Building a Customer-Focused Culture
  • The Mindset of Young Entrepreneurs
  • Professional and Personal Advancement: Mindset for Growth
  • Develop a Creative Mindset
  • Learn and Implement
  • Agile Mindset Introduction
  • Maximize Your Productivity
  • Motivation – The Ultimate Guide to Inspiring Yourself and Others
  • The Science of Happiness
  • Embracing the Startup Mentality

Building a Customer-Focused Culture:

This is EdApp’s customer-focused strategy course. It educates employees on the value of putting customers at the center of their organization. They outline a focus on customer satisfaction. It teaches why changing from a product-focused approach to a customer-focused plan provides a better consumer experience. This course is free of cost and includes 3 lessons.

The Mindset of Young Entrepreneurs:

UNITAR collaborated with EdApp to develop this course. It inspires the next generation of businesses. This digital training program discusses the abilities required to develop an entrepreneurial mindset. This program includes 5 lessons.

Professional and Personal Advancement: Mindset for Growth:

This course is facilitated by Virtual College, UK. It instructs students on the advantages of thinking positively. It describes a mentality first, then distinguishes between a development mindset. A strong belief explains why one is superior to the latter. The training session will educate participants on how to cultivate a development mindset. They can apply it in both their professional and personal life. The course also provides a certificate of completion.

Develop a Creative Mindset:

FutureLearn created this learning path. It aids workers in the creative business in overcoming creative obstacles at work. It educates on why it is critical to recognize your customers. They help generate creative awareness to generate ideas that are appealing to them. It also teaches students the value of cooperation and collaboration. Thus, it boosts their productivity and makes problem-solving easier. This course has a duration of about 9 weeks.

Learn and Implement:

The Learn and Implement course. It is about setting up a continual learning attitude rather than a fixed mindset. Trainers will be exposed to Kolb’s training process. It shows how studying from experiences may help them effectively understand circumstances. It also helps change harmful actions and behaviors.

Agile Mindset Introduction:

This edX program will inspire participants to adopt an Agile mindset. It will aid you in being successful in the workplace. It highlights the differences between ‘Being Agile’ and ‘Doing Agile.’ It also highlights the significance of adopting an Agile mentality. This program is offered by a digital director from Rolls-Royce. It gives students firsthand experience with the Agile attitude.

Maximize Your Productivity:

This coaching course will help you develop a productive mindset to reach your aims. It explains how to create a productive workplace. It depicts three mindset strategies that will help to achieve your goals.

Motivation – The Ultimate Guide to Inspiring Yourself and Others:

Cudoo facilitates this online course. As a result of the epidemic, workers now find work. It may feel lonely at times, resulting in a loss of motivation. To overcome this, businesses must know how to keep people engaged to support productivity and high-quality job outputs. Thus, this course can help them in this regard.

The Science of Happiness:

In this course, you will study the psychology of resilience. It will improve your personal and professional life. It outlines resilience and optimism. Besides, it instructs students on how to analyze their degrees of optimism. You will also be exposed to the five thought mistakes. You will also learn to apply the Real-Time Resilience technique. It will eventually help you overcome non-resilient viewpoints.

Embracing the Startup Mentality:

This training is for both new and experienced employees who work in a business setting. Workers in a startup setting must adapt to changing work culture. Hence, they must have an entrepreneurial mentality. This course begins by examining the significance of getting a startup mentality.

Mindset Training can Help you Reach Your Greatest Potential!

A proper perspective paves the way to achievement. It makes us recognize that we are more powerful than we know. It nullifies the notion that we are bound by our existing talents and have no potential for advancement. Regrettably, not every worker is born with the proper mentality. But the good news is that it can be learned and cultivated. Delivering mindset coaching to your staff is a wonderful place to start if you want to improve self-development. Online mindset training will aid you in opening new doors. It will guide you to realize your full capability!


What exactly is mindset training?

Ans. Mindset training describes a mentality first, then differentiates between a development mindset. A strong belief explains why the former is superior to the latter. This training educates participants on how to cultivate a development mindset. They can apply it in both their work and personal life.

Are all Coursera programs free?

Ans. Coursera courses for free to practice. But you must pay to view graded projects or receive a Course Certification.

Which would be better about abundance mindset programs, EdX or Coursera?

Ans. Both portals cover a wide range of courses. Coursera focuses on professional training, such as computer analysis and business degrees. Free Online Mindset Courses related to economics and the sciences are available on EdX.

What are the best free online mindset courses?

Ans. The following mindset courses are the best for your mindset development:

  • The Mindset of Young Entrepreneurs (by UNITAR)
  • Professional and Personal Advancement: Mindset for Growth (by Virtual College, UK)
  • Develop a Creative Mindset (by FutureLearn)
  • Learn and Implement (by an app)
  • Motivation – The Ultimate Guide to Inspiring Yourself and Others (by Cudoo)


Mindset training courses help investigate the fundamental principles underlying learning Mindsets and Skills. They help investigate the potential implementation of ideas in different educational settings. Taking such courses will help you gain abundance in life.

They will change your mentality and encourage you to make progress. Many of such courses are available online for free. Take a fresh start right away to change your mentality!


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