Abundance vs Scarcity Mindset


We all have that one friend, cousin, or sibling who is always happy and smiling even during the chaos. I always wonder why they don’t feel stressed when things are bad. I have a friend, who feels positive no matter what. He is on the top of the moon even when I get worried for him. His attitude towards life is amazing and I wanted to know how he did that. Going through the research online, through the books, and the self-help material, I came to realize that it was a concept called abundance mindset.

I asked myself, what is an abundance mindset? Why people with this mindset are full of life and can hardly become seen in distress? As opposed to them, we all have that one person who can ruin our mood anytime. That friend can tell you about the world so wrong, the life so dull, and the humanity that does not exist anymore. Such people have a scarcity mindset. 

So, let us investigate the qualities of people with a positive mindset. How are they different from a scarcity mindset?

What is an abundance mindset?

An abundance mindset is having a thinking ability that evaluates what we have than what we do not. The mindset believes that if we see the world in the right way, we can always find resources to work with. People with this mindset think that God has created enough resources for every one of us. All we must do is stop wasting time thinking about stuff that we do not have. Try to work with what we have for an amazing life.

An abundant mindset depends on love. It expresses a strong feeling that life is full of possibilities and chances. Viewing people around you with an abundant mentality may have a beneficial impact on your lifestyle and the decisions you take. You will notice that there are enough chances and resources to go around and the only thing you need to do is search them out. This concept has attracted me so much and now I know the secret to my friend’s endless happiness! Before going deeply into this concept, let’s discuss the benefits of an abundance mindset.

Benefits of an Abundance Mindset

Why is an abundant mindset good for you? How people with an abundant mindset can make more friends? People with an abundant mindset have a good relationship with everyone. They prefer a larger group of friends and make a lot of contacts. Always show positive behavior. They are kind and share things with everyone. Successful people tend to be usually those who have an abundant mindset. Whereas people who lead a low-quality life tend to have a lacking mindset.

People with an abundant mindset always want the best for everyone. They show happiness in others’ success. They explore the world and are always in the mode of change, looking for something new. In other words, they have an open mind towards any outcome.

I have seen that people with an abundance mindset tend to appear more satisfied. They share with everyone without having any problem. They know that the world has unlimited resources and they have more than enough. That is why such people always feel thankful.

“Fixed mindset worries in the nest and the growth mindset dances on the edge”

(Amit Ray)

Most of us are currently unaware of this concept and the wonders it can bring into our lives. Once you adopt this attitude in life, you will feel positive changes in it. Amit Ray has also stated this concept of growth vs. fixed mindset:

What is a Scarcity Mindset?

Do you remember the time when you always complained no matter what? Such people never get satisfied with their life because they have a scarcity mindset. A scarcity mindset occurs whenever you worry about a shortage of things. This shortage may relate to money or love.

A scarcity mindset is not something you choose. When you do not get what you wish, your brain creates negative thoughts. All you can focus on is your need and develop “tunnel vision.” Tunnel vision forces you to think and focus only on the hardships of life. Your mind becomes trapped in a ‘tunnel,’ and you develop a negative idea about life.

Problems with a Scarcity Mindset

A scarcity mindset leads to worry, negative feelings toward life, and limiting ideas. Such people have inactive minds. They believe that they must take every piece of limited resources. They never feel enough and think that the world is running out of resources. As a result, they do not share anything with anybody.

“Scarcity mentality measures out life by the ounce; it always concludes that the needs outweigh the resources.”

(Erin M. Straza)

People who have a scarcity mindset rarely get chances in life due to their selfish behavior. This attitude also destroys their relationships. Thus, these people may leave alone. Why would I live with such a person who lives in scarcity? Another trait I have seen in such people is that they get jealous when someone is doing better than them. They show hate and sadness. Can you imagine such people can affect your life?

Abundance Mindset Quotes

Fear fades and abundance arises once you are thankful” – Tony Robbins

Did you notice that thankfulness is everything whenever it comes to abundance? That is among the most important abundance mindset quotes to learn. And here is the real fact: Thankfulness is the spirit of what you ALREADY have.

The Universe draws things that are like you. Thus, anything you see in this reality reflects your energy. Whenever you take thankfulness with something you do not see in your physical world, it will arrive to you. This is because you are telling the world that it is already special.

“You can only become truly accomplished at something you love. Don’t make money your goal. Instead, pursue the things you love doing and then do them so well that people can’t take their eyes off of you” – Maya Angelou’s

How could I gather a collection of abundant mentality quotations without including these remarks from one of history’s finest writers? Maya Angelou gives a wonderful lesson here. Wealth arises from the skill of something you love.

I remember that when I first began studying the subconscious mind, I was so attracted to gaining abundance. It inspired me to read more and register for more programs. This urged me to get more certificates and then become an expert at whatever I do. Angelou states that mastering a certain skill might become your passport to wealth.

“Imagine yourself enjoying abundance, and that you will welcome it” – Robert Proctor

Bob Proctor is among my favorite trainers. I could write an entire page about the abundance mindset through his sayings.

Here, I would like to underline that creating wealth starts with looking at YOURSELF despite the individual that has created it. To get into the power of their big dream, we need to undertake effective changes. This will come true when we become that kind of individual.

You may perform this by applying it to seeing, writing, blogging, and other methods or you can interact with your subconscious mind using interesting methods. So let me ask you some questions:

  • Could you imagine yourself in a state of abundance?
  • How does that lifestyle feel and look?
  • How can you begin living that version of yourself right now?

“You never alter things by battling against what is already there.” To alter anything, create a new design that leaves the previous model useless” – Fuller, Buckminster

This one is among my favorite abundance mentality quotes. Here is why.

If you are like me, you are trying to find a positive example of performing what you want to do or an image of the type of company you would enjoy. Remember what you want does not currently exist. This is all the greater motivation to develop it.

Even though I had no positive examples, no aid, no contacts, and no master’s degree, I started working on the supplies I had. Would remain there to create anything wonderful and good in my special manner.

I had spent an abundance of time performing boring jobs to realize what was available. I did not seem to work with my energies. Abundance is certain to appear once you apply your special power to produce what you WISH to develop.

You can have everything in life you want if you will just help other people get what they want”– Mr. Zig Ziglar

It is one of those abundant mentality lines that cover helping behavior. This behavior covers much of our lives, and I have experienced it.

The YES SUPPLY Method learners focus on appearing and serving people around them. You might draw abundance into your lives if you start helping others.

When you help someone, listen to them, or give them advice, you are not acting from a viewpoint of “what can I get?” but from the viewpoint of “what can I GIVE?” Consider it a payment into your energy checking account.

Comparison between Abundance vs Scarcity Mindset

People with a scarcity mindset tend to be close-minded and hate making changes. They always stay in their comfort zone with the things they have. People with an abundant mindset are always focused on long-term goals. It is better to adopt an abundant mentality and explore your talents. Make life fun at once and enjoy the company of others including small moments. Always share the goods which show an act of humanity and kindness. You are the only artist in your life, and you may create whatever you wish. Who else will make your life better and offer you happiness if not you?

People with a scarcity mindset only see short-term goals. They stick with their goals without changing themselves or exploring the possible bigger chances than what they already have. A scarcity mindset is very harmful. You can spoil your life if you have such a kind of mindset. It will affect you as well as your relationship with others.

People with an abundance mentality are smarter. They have good intelligence, and they are always creative and open-minded. They store valuable information while keeping a positive feeling about others. Always see good in others. Whereas people with a scarcity mentality have a lacking intelligence. They tend to be foolish towards life and only overthink their mistakes. They tend to overthink negativity in others, a lot of which destroys their creativity and intelligence.

“Plant seeds of happiness, hope, success, and love; It will all come back to you in abundance. This is the law of nature.”

(Steve Maraboli)

People with an abundance mindset usually lead a peaceful life by having faith in God. They trust that the world is huge and has an unlimited number of resources. So, it is best to explore the depth and go with the flow. These people show changes. While people with a scarcity mentality believe that they are in a rush to love goods. If they did not take these resources, someone else will take their share.

Difference Between Abundance Mindset and Scarcity Mindset:

Abundance Mindset Scarcity Mindset
·         People are open-minded ·         People are close-minded
·         They realize that changes are important in life ·         They hate making changes
·         They lead a peaceful life ·         They lead a negative life
·         They focus on long-term goals ·         They only focus on short-term goals
·         There are always grateful for the things they have ·         They complain about everything
·         They expand their surroundings ·         They may ruin their surroundings and relationships
·         An abundance mindset is smart and intelligent ·         The scarcity mindset is very detrimental


Abundance Mindset Exercises

We must shift our thinking away from conflict toward cooperation – from scarcity toward abundance. Here are ten simple activities to begin with:

Be Mindful of your Ideas

Stop thinking about anger, lack, criticism, or danger. Take a deep breath and try to find out why those ideas came in the first place. Then, try to redirect them to ideas of love, abundance, happiness, and joy.

Exercise Thankfulness

Each day, note down something for which you are thankful. This inspires in you the habit of concentrating on what you are doing rather than what you don’t. If you focus on what you do not have, you will never get enough.

Recognize the Infinite Possibilities

With an abundant attitude, you are willing to receive wealth in whatever way you believe that it will arrive. Do not fall into the trap of believing there is only a single way to create abundance, or how you can meet some people whom you are especially looking for. Relax your attention and recognize the endless possibilities around you.

Give your Gifts to Others

Expressing your strengths and talents develops a much more positive feeling of self-worth. Whenever you feel better about yourself, you are much more receptive to receiving more wonderful.

Be Careful what you say

We must be conscious of our language, exactly as we must always be aware of things. If you worry about not having enough money, you will continue to lack it. Our world has shaped the words we choose. Stop speaking things about our shortage when you notice yourself doing so. Transform your sayings into stories about abundance.

Set BIG Ambitions

Having an abundant mentality opens you up to an infinite number of opportunities. With so many options, why not dream big? Make a list of all your aims and desires and make them as big as you can. Life may turn out to be bigger than you imagine.

Make a Future

Scarcity thinkers wait for events to come before reacting. Instead, prepare ahead of time and develop long-term solutions. People with abundant mindsets are dreamers. They think that fresh possibilities and opportunities surround them.

Make Abundance Affirmations

Affirmations can change people’s lives. Expressing positive things aloud promotes what you want in life. Each day, write or say down abundant affirmations. One day, they will come true!

Learn New Talents

An abundant mindset recognizes that there is far more to explore. Whenever you learn new abilities, you bring yourself open to exciting new opportunities. Find a program to help you improve a talent or activity that you enjoy. Check to see whether it can lead to a new means of abundance.

Examine your Beliefs

“If you look at what you have in life, you’ll always have more.”

(Oprah Winfrey)

You are narrowing your alternatives if you hold limiting thoughts. If you are believing that “money limits and I rarely have enough,” you must fight that belief and transform this into something good. Instead, say, “There is enough money for everybody, but I have everything I need.” Examine all your ideas to ensure they are not holding you inside a scarcity of thinking.

Abundance Mindset Affirmations

Here are several positive affirmations, but, for the greatest impact, I recommend that you develop your own statements.

  • I am greater than enough.
  • I improve the world environment.
  • I appreciate all I have and will have.
  • I complete everything I start.
  • I can manage more than I can.
  • I am lucky.
  • I am strong.
  • I have control over the situation.
  • I am energetic and motivated.
  • I can complete my goals.
  • I love myself.
  • I enable others to appreciate me.
  • I attract nice people.
  • My faults teach me important lessons.
  • My errors shape me into the person I am now, and this is only the beginning.
  • Money is not an issue.
  • I will have enough funds.
  • I am a healer.

These are some of my favorite affirmations to say to yourself in front of the mirror. They are excellent daily affirmations since the teachings are strong and may be taken to many aspects of your life. You may put these on sticky notes and keep them with you every day. Set a reminder, and repeat such affirmations during the day to see your life grow!


Why should I develop an abundance mindset?

People must start exercising the abundance mindset. When they practice, they see growth and changes throughout their lives. They will have a successful life. It also works on their soul and their connection with others. This improves their IQ level. They can solve every problem with creativity and mind peace.

What is the effect of a scarcity mindset?

A person having a scarcity mindset leads a negative life. They are living in fear. This might affect their surroundings. This may enhance stress, fear, and alone. These people do not want changes in their life. Their decision-making process makes them misguided. Thus, the scarcity mindset destroys everything.

Is it too late for you to change your scarcity mindset?  

No, it is never too late for scarcity mindset people to sort out the problem. It depends on their mindset. Adopt an abundance mindset now. You will see positive changes in your life. An abundance mindset will ensure that you have the greatest life and you have everything without looking back and feeling regretful.

What is the difference between abundance vs scarcity mindset

The abundant mindset develops from a strong inner sense of value and safety. It is a worldview that depends on the idea that “the world has more than abundant” for everyone. Whereas scarcity thinking is the idea that there would never be enough. This leads to feelings of worry, tension, and stress.

What has the Bible suggested about the scarcity mindset?

A scarcity mindset leads to a negative lifestyle – a lifestyle in which one may worry about having enough while others have too much. We remind of this in the Sermon on the Mount when Jesus recommends that we not worry (Matthew 6:25-34, ESV).

What does economic abundance imply?

The “economics of abundance” focuses on a measure of our current economic system. This system values scarce goods, i.e., those that can sale at a high price when prices rise.

What is a sign of resource scarcity?

Resource scarcity occurs when you do not practice resourcefulness. When you start complaining about limited resources instead of using them for the best, this is a sign of resource scarcity.

How do you go from a scarcity to an abundance mindset?

  • Practice thankfulness
  • Focus on what you have
  • Recognize the infinite possibilities
  • Help others
  • Make abundance affirmations

Why people with an abundant mindset are winners?

Having an abundant mindset does not imply compromising. It is all about progress and winning. Those that have an abundant attitude invest. They seek knowledge because they are eager to learn and want to help others. In this way, they are the ultimate winners.


There is a huge difference between the abundance and scarcity mindsets. When it comes to an abundance mindset, the person has a broad mind. He always feels like everything is more than enough in his life. He sees the world through the feeling of having unlimited goods. It includes chances, love, wealth, etc.

Whereas scarcity mentality leads a person to have a close mind. He thinks that nothing in life is enough. Such people need to achieve increased things. They think that the world leaves with only one pie and that if they do not fight for it, they may lose it.

Take Away from Abundance vs Scarcity Mindset

The abundance mentality leads to exploration and molding to change. While in the scarcity mindset, people stick to what they have. They do not explore changes due to fear. People having an abundance mindset focus on long-term goals. While people having a scarcity mindset prefer to focus on short-term goals.

Scarcity-mentality people may destroy their surroundings. They include themselves with negative feelings toward everything. This may lead to loneliness. While an abundance mentality can help strengthen relationships. It can help improve the surroundings and strengthen relationships. Try adopting little acts of kindness in your daily routine. Simple abundance exercises will eventually lead you toward a better life. Just remember that ‘what you BELIEVE is what you RECEIVE.’

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